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Tips for Beginner Photographers: Models and Locations

As a beginner photographer, you always ask yourself where to find the best subjects to shoot. You don’t have a budget for travelling to exotic places, nor the connections to use professional models. And while you can make any ordinary object look amazing (and you should), having the benefit of a great subject matter helps a great deal. Here are tips for beginner photographers about finding models and locations to capture from the best in the industry.

© Roberto Brundo

Find Beauty Everywhere

Chris Collacott is a panoramic photographer who captures amazing landscapes from Canada to Patagonia. However, he knows how to find beauty in any landscape, and isn’t afraid to photograph his home town and its surroundings. And if you think they aren’t interesting, think again. How many people have the opportunity to know your neighbourhood or home town as well as you do?

There are still lots of beautiful locations right in my backyard!

Chris Collacott
“Tusks and Trails” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT

Advantages of Social Media

Social media is a valuable tool for networking and promoting your photographs, but it’s also a place to find models. Roberto Brundo documents urban life by photographing ordinary people he meets on social media. Even without a professional modelling background, many people can be incredible subjects to shoot, and they challenge you to learn to photograph in imperfect conditions.
Photographing friends and ordinary people works well for fashion photographer Sydney Claire as well. She uses regular people instead of models to make a point for diversity, and her photos are both fashionable and a powerful statement.

Honestly, I’m just so inspired by people. I often find someone on Instagram or scout them in person, and the mood-board and aesthetic for the shoot just come to me. People and their personalities are crazy interesting. A lot of my favourite images are products of last-minute, unplanned shoots with my creative friends.

Sydney Claire
“Butter” by Sydney Claire – BUY PRINT

On the Lookout

Whether a smartphone camera or a DSLR, always have a camera with you. The perfect location or model can be where you least expect it. Instead of searching for the best conditions, learn to be prepared, and take great photos in any conditions. Tom Emmerson photographed models while sitting on the floor of their dressing room, impressing the world with his portraits.

© Tom Emmerson

Many still believe that becoming a successful photographer requires shooting outstanding locations, remote cultures, or professional models. However, what truly makes them stand out is the ability to see the world differently and discover unexpected and beauty everywhere.

Article written by Kate Smith


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