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Alexandra Levasseur: Feminine Mystery of Being One With Nature

Human Nature

A steady evolution of science and technology led us to the most amazing discoveries in the 21st century that expanded our knowledge of nature, pushing forward the reexamination of the questions of becoming, being, existence, and reality. Inspired by the thought-provoking theories of biology, physics, and geology, Alexandra Levasseur creates a dreamy and intimate world, in which the feminine figures bask in the oneness with the environment, embodying and exploring the deep, mysterious and surrealistic relationship between human life and nature.

"Muscle Memory" Series by Alexandra Levasseur, 2017

Evoking the style of French symbolism, a late-19th-century art movement that artist’s grandmother introduced her to, Levasseur works with a unique, personal palette consisting of soft, airy, pastel colors. Drawing inspiration from nature, the artist depicts almost abstracted landscapes, built as collages from photographs and textures, and then adds female bodies, constructing the whole composition. With acrylic, oil and, her favorite tool – colored pencils, she puts the finishing touches on her art, thus creating ethereal, transcendental scenes.

“The style I have today is the result of an evolution of my childhood drawings and the combination of my favorite techniques.”

Untitled Painting by Alexandra Levasseur, 2016

Multidimensional Art

In physics, string theory suggests that there are at least ten dimensions in the universe, though people, with their five human senses, cannot perceive them all. Influenced by this idea of the limited human perception, Levasseur tries to offer the augmentation of all human senses through art, giving the opportunity for the viewer to experience her work in as much art forms as she can create. Levasseur works with pencil and oil paint on wood, which is a two-dimensional art form, with ceramic sculpture, adding the third dimension, and animated drawings on paper and film, in which she adds the fourth dimension – dimension of time, exploring the possibilities and advantages of dynamic versus static artwork.

“I like to develop a project with different phases using different mediums: painting, animated film and now sculptures. Each medium inspires the next phase and pushes me to go further in my reflection.”

"Puzzle Triptych" by Alexandra Levasseur, 2016

Stress, anxiety, and depression, triggered by living in a modern age, developed an urge in people to search for their inner peace, thus inspiring them to come back to nature. Levasseur’s intense female figures, often submerged in water, a symbol of emotions and receptiveness of the feminine principle, represent the beauty of the Mother Nature. The figures are depicted as one with the surroundings, an intrinsic part of the collective, with firm message that All-is-One, although mentally absent, sad and contemplative, as if to remind the viewer how painful is the imposed separation of the inherently connected human and nature.

All images copyright of Alexandra Levasseur.

You can view more work by Alexandra on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Katarina Petric

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