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Chris Collacott: The Beauty of Panoramic Landscapes

A Traveler And An Artist

The newest member of the MINUS ART prints collection, Chris Collacott is a Canadian panoramic photographer, specialized in cityscapes and wilderness landscapes. He takes 50 – 300 high-resolution shots for a single photo to make sure he captures every detail of the places he visits. From a beginner with a point-and-shoot camera and scotch tape, Chris Collacott grew into a professional photographer who’s not satisfied with less than a billion pixels in one photo. 

“Grizzly Grind” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT

My visual style started out long back when I used your standard point and shoot film camera. I could not get one of our local lakes in a single shot as it was too wide. I decided to take three shots to make it a panoramic shot and had it printed out and used scotch tape to stick them together. Today, I take 50 to 300 shots to get the highest resolution images of the most beautiful places with the best light possible. My goal is to get ultra-high resolution images of every “shot” I take.

“Tusks and Trails” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT

From the Tombstone Range in Yukon Canada, in prime grizzly bear territory, to Patagonia and Argentina, Collacott’s photographs are adventurous and electric. His portfolio includes stunning sunsets, vibrant cityscapes, pristine landscapes, and incredible mountains. But photographing remote locations comes with a price. The photographer has to face the elements, experience trekking and camping, and thoroughly study weather conditions.

“Majestic Sky” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT

There is nothing more rewarding for Chris than creating a unique and beautiful picture that will be admired by millions of people. His works are exhibited in galleries and airports, on buses and magazine covers, and many other marketing materials. And while the pandemic has limited travel possibilities, Collacott has started to discover and photograph locations in the Vancouver area.

“Valley of Reflection” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT

There are still lots of beautiful locations right in my backyard! I’m currently working on a project to capture West Coast tree bark – high-resolution images of the different textures and species of our trees.

“Warm Welcome” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT

Ultra-high-resolution panoramic landscapes capture everything the human eye can see and more. The skill goes far beyond operating a camera; Chris Collacott’s works prove that commitment, dedication, and a true love for nature are key ingredients in his recipe for success.

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Article written by Monica Radulescu

“The Grand Garibaldi Lake” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT
“Stormy” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT
“Spirit Sunset” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT
“Lines of Time” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT
“Morning Reflections” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT
“The Black Tusk” by Chris Collacott – BUY PRINT
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