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Beli: Vibrant Dreamscapes of Contemporary Photography

Photographic Paintings

Pascale Delévaux, known as Beli, is a Brussels-based artist with a long artistic journey and a refined aesthetic. Beli started with music and painting, discovered contemporary photography and silkscreen along the way, and fell in love with what she calls photographic paintings

“Surrealism Geometry” by Beli – BUY PRINT

This work is mostly a vaporous colourful world made of contemplation which navigates between dream and reality and plays with the boundaries of the things that we see and all those that we do not see… Just like a representation of a sound poetry.

“Wild Cactus from Desert” by Beli – BUY PRINT

Beli’s photographs embrace minimalism and surrealism and dress landscapes and abstract shapes in delicious colours. Her world is wearing shades of pink, lilac, purple, and serene blue with confidence. Situated at the frontier of reality and dreams, her photographs absorb the viewer and leave them with space for introspection and reverie.

“Urban Street” by Beli – BUY PRINT

I create figurative abstractions and abstract representations made of delicious unrealities and suspended time in which I try to capture the essential, which could also be called ‘infinity’.

“Blue Cactus” by Beli – BUY PRINT

Beli starts the process with an idea and a walk, absorbing the world and starting the internal machinery of creation. So much about photography is about capturing the right moment; whether a pink building or a dramatic sunset, Beli filters the sight through her feelings and produces unique artworks with playful compositions and a heavy emotional charge.

“Los Angeles Meditation” by Beli – BUY PRINT

Above all, I love the surprise of the moment. You know, the moment you have to catch really fast because the next second it’s gone. I think that it is those photographed evanescences that reveal the beauty of the world and the fragility of the moment.

“Sunny House and Blue Sky” by Beli – BUY PRINT

The artist’s journey is never easy; it’s hard to fight with the restless creativity and the will to absorb everything. But for Beli, like for many artists, the best reward is a piece that reached its destination and fulfilled the artist’s vision. Beli is always searching for new mediums and ways of expression. Her poetic abstract drawings for a feature film, her fascination with the world of dreams, and her continuous search for undiscovered emotions and ways of transcribing reality keep her busy and fulfilled.

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Article written by Monica Radulescu

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