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Hayley Franklin: Bold Colours in Minimalist Illustration

Creating for the People

A recent addition to the MINUS ART prints collection, Hayley Franklin is a Melbourne-based artist and graphic designer who finds her artistic expression in minimalism. Self-taught, with a strong intuitive nature, Franklin creates artworks that suit every house and every style. She dedicates her work to unique and beautiful designs, with a touch of typography, bold colours, and minimalist lines.

“Pink Bust” by Hayley Franklin – BUY PRINT

Franklin’s minimalist illustration is a potpourri of natural elements, fashion influences, and abstract shapes. She can easily go from line drawings to bold patches of colour, from silhouettes to flowers, from portraits to letters. As long as it’s beautiful and meaningful, the artist knows no limits. She creates by exploration and observation, and her attentive nature is seen in her artworks. A dash of pink, an interestingly shaped leaf, or a simple line can convey a visual narrative.

“Just Love” by Hayley Franklin – BUY PRINT

I’m influenced by faces, the natural world, fashion, colours, and shapes. These various factors inspire my creative process. Depending on my mood, I will have a particular design in mind. Otherwise, I love to go with the flow and immerse myself in exploring colours and shapes.

“Nude 12” by Hayley Franklin – BUY PRINT

As Julian Barnes says in The Noise of Time, “Art belongs to everybody and nobody. Art belongs to all time and no time. Art belongs to those who create it and those who savour it.” Her thoughtfulness and sensitive approach make her pieces suitable for the viewer. It’s easy to fall in love admiring a simple courageous line.

“Contrast Issue 23” by Hayley Franklin – BUY PRINT

Decorative and peaceful, bold and modern, colourful and minimalist, Franklin’s artworks reach your heart in many ways. They seem comfortable and friendly but at the same time teach you to observe the world around you. Artists and the public are always learning and growing together.

“Abstract Shapes” by Hayley Franklin – BUY PRINT

One of the most rewarding parts of my artistic journey has been the ability to create art for people! And to learn and grow in my practice.

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Article written by Monica Radulescu

“Flower” by Hayley Franklin – BUY PRINT
“Contrast Issue 13” by Hayley Franklin – BUY PRINT
“Abstract Earring Portrait” by Hayley Franklin – BUY PRINT
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