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Karolis Janulis: Dazzling Aerial Photography

Bird’s-Eye View

Karolis Janulis’ unique photography perspective sheds light on the mysteries of life as a bird. With a series of aerial photography shots, Janulis captures the beauty of the world as seen from above, offering a gorgeously striking angle on the everyday scenes of planet Earth. Fields, lakes, and oceans are boasted from the bird’s-eye view, flaunting a stunning array of color, inspiration, and winged fantasy. Nature is firmly at the root of this spectacular concept.

“Portugal Ocean Path” by Karolis Janulis – BUY PRINT

When I have started getting interested in photography, I found the views from the higher points interesting. So I was trying to get to different high buildings, flown the hot air balloons, motor gliders, and other types of transport, just to catch that moment from above.

“Two Sides of Portugal” by Karolis Janulis – BUY PRINT

Janulis stops at nothing to achieve the perfect aerial shot by finding whatever method possible to reach the highest possible point. The invention of drones opened a world of possibilities for the photographer. Since then, Janulis has been able to concentrate on making his visual dreams a reality without the strain of dealing with technical difficulties of physically achieving a high point to take a single photo.

The striking beauty of his work lies not only in its aesthetic but its originality. Janulis takes regular road trips to find interesting spots to capture but reassures that a perfect shot could be waiting around the corner. The photographer raises the poignant point that beauty does lay all around us, should one care to look with new eyes. 

“Break” by Karolis Janulis – BUY PRINT

Of course, this form of art does not come without its challenges. “The most challenging part of my type of photography is flying. It takes time to learn how to pilot a drone well so you can fly safe and enjoy the creation process of photography.” Like most things that come with challenges, they are often worth the labors for the glimmering rewards that they reap.

“Portugal Coastline” by Karolis Janulis – BUY PRINT

The most rewarding part is the honest reactions from the people. I am happy if I can present a moment of visual pleasure and some thoughts to my viewer.

“Red Cross” by Karolis Janulis – BUY PRINT

Karolis Janulis is currently interested in more abstract aerial views that are morphed into existence by nature. Reinforced with advancing technology, this passionate photographer’s drive to reveal the beauty and mystery of the world is truly a blessing to the modern photography sphere.

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Article written by Kate Smith

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“Beach Time” by Karolis Janulis – BUY PRINT
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