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Vitor Esteves: Exploring The World With Aerial Photography

Artful and Atmospheric

The newest addition to the MINUS ART prints collection, Vitor Esteves is a self-taught photographer, who dedicates all his time to aerial photography. With a reduced colour palette and a focus on shapes and lines, his photographs have a unique aesthetic. Esteves’ compositions reveal themselves slowly and require the same dedication from the viewer as from the photographer.

“San Sebastian, Basque County, Spain” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT

About four years ago aerial photography became my passion when I bought my first drone. Since then, I’ve dedicated all my time to this photography style.

“Vernazza at Sunrise, Cinque Terre, Italy – I” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT

To make sure his passion is not just a part-time occurrence, Esteves started participating in photo competitions. Working with an imposed thematic wasn’t easy, especially for a traveller such as Esteves, but it was an educative and rewarding experience. The photographer learned to establish limits, plan his photo sessions, and listen to the critique.

“Capri” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT

My creative process has more to do with the places I visit and planning all the locations I want to hit during that period, but I care less about the photos I’m going to take at those specific locations. I try to go with the flow.

“Cala Gonone, Goloritze, Sardegna, Italy” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT

Esteves’ photos display deep, earthy colours and dramatic lines. There’s nothing artificial in compositions that depict the cohabitation of nature and man. Artful and atmospheric, Esteves’ photos are meaningful as the photographer goes beyond the viewfinder to discover cultures, relationships, and flavours.

“Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT

One of the most exciting pieces of my work was when I went to Japan. The completely different culture, the people, the kindness, the flavours, and the landscapes made me push forward on my photography skills, and many photos from that adventure became my favourite.

“Wedding Couple at Fujiyoshida Mount, Fuji” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT

Aerial photography is prone to drone regulations and requires a lot of travelling. During these uncertain times, the rules of the game are much more difficult. Nevertheless, Vitor Esteves follows his path with determination and courage. Breathtaking views are waiting to be discovered, and outstanding photos are waiting to be taken.

Vitor Esteves


Article written by Monica Radulescu

“Vernazza at Sunset, Cinque Terre, Italy” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT
“Vernazza at Sunrise, Cinque Terre, Italy – IIII” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT
“Mount Saint Michel, Bretagne, France” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT
“Menton at Sunset” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT
“Cala Luna, Goloritze, Sardegna, Italy” by Vitor Esteves – BUY PRINT
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