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Matt Crump: The Candy-Colored Minimalist

#Candyminimal World

Contemporary art photography, combined with the new techniques in post-production, gives a lot of potentialities in producing new and interesting concepts and completing a photographer’s creative ideas. Photographers are inspired by unusual and sometimes even surreal world that can only be seen through the camera lens. A good photographer needs a unique idea and a little imagination and creativity in post-production to create a completely new world. The photographer Matt Crump shares the world of minimalism, rich colors and fantasy with the broad audience. But that’s not all – every day Matt calls all of us to take photos of the candy-colored world. So, who is Matt Crump – a guy with bright personality and original photography ideas?

Matt Crump - Magic Pineapple, minus37
Matt Crump - Magic Pineapple
Matt Crump - Cherries, minus37
Matt Crump - Cherries

Who Is Matt Crump?

Matt Crump is a minimalist photographer born and raised in Texas. He studied creative advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. The photographer was working as a commercial art director for ten years when he started his own photography project. A few years ago, he invented new style in the area of contemporary photography and gave it a lively name – candy-colored minimalism. The movement #candyminimal started to rise – now he has 135k followers on Instagram and some of them collaborate with Matt creating minimalist colorful photos.

Matt Crump - Van, minus37
Matt Crump - Van
Matt Crump - Palms and Mountains, minus37
Matt Crump - Palms and Mountains

The Colorful Minimalist Photography

Matt Crump describes himself as “50% unicorn, 100% man” – and this is maybe the best input to understand Matt’s approach to photography work. It is a world full of creativity and imagination, but everything is pretty much a part of the world that surrounds us. His aesthetic is based on two things – candy colors and minimalistic scene, the things he manipulates using both Lightroom and Photoshop. His color palette explains his curious nature, ready to experiment by designing distinctive candy-colored negative space to achieve “surreal compositions, offbeat and Americana subjects, and an endless-summer vibe”. The photographer takes pictures of landscapes, architecture and different subjects surrounding him, looking for rich and inspiring shades. Matt plays with a hue and saturation, so his color palette range from bright, vibrant colors to neons and pastels.

All images copyright of Matt Crump.

You can view more work by Matt Crump on his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic


Matt Crump - FLamingo, minus37

Matt Crump - Four Truths, minus37

Matt Crump - Nice II, minus37

Matt Crump - ZigZag, minus37

Matt Crump - Pink Palace, minus37

Matt Crump - Rainbow Walk, minus37

Matt Crump - Banana Split, minus37

Matt Crump - All the colors, minus37

Matt Crump - Candy Land, minus37

Matt Crump - Chiclets II, minus37

Matt Crump - Palm Sherbet, minus37

Matt Crump - Levitated Mass, minus37

Matt Crump - Fries, minus37

Matt Crump - Pastel Pacific, minus37

Matt Crump - Sweet Sunrise, minus37

Matt Crump - Red Trailer, minus37

Matt Crump - Sunset Boulevard, minus37

Matt Crump - Towels, minus37

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