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Maarten Rots: The World Trough Abstract Photography

A Unique Perspective

Maarten Rots is a Dutch photographer with a background in graphic design and fine arts. Easily mistaken for paintings, his abstract photography offers a view of the world from a unique perspective. An artist of composition and color, Maarten Rots sees the abstract in the mundane.

“Konvergenz” by Maarten Rots

I capture everyday situations in an abstract way, displaying the spectacular that can be found in the mundane. The resulting photographs often have architecture as a prominent ingredient with a strong focus on composition, texture, and color. It’s not uncommon for people to initially mistake my photographs for paintings. I slowly developed in this direction, without setting out to become an abstract artist.

“Konvergenz” by Maarten Rots

Whether it’s glass, concrete, or brick, the photographs capture the essence of the materials. Strong lines, echoes of geometry, and courageous palettes build complex compositions that make you explore the intimacy of space.

Rots takes most of his photos during travels around Europe with a camper van. He doesn’t plan photoshoots nor starts with a specific subject in mind. Always up for a challenge, Rots took some of his favorite photos during a one-week project where he allowed himself to photograph within a 1-kilometer radius only. It’s proof that you can find a perfect subject anywhere if you know how to look for it. Maarten creates a personal connection with the environment by evaluating his reactions and minimizing the sense of scale.

“Scenes from Home” by Maarten Rots

I do have a clear idea of the conditions that can lead to the photographs I aim to take. Possibly one of the most important realizations I have had over the years is to recognize when not to take a photo.

“Echoes” by Maarten Rots

The photographer has chosen an adventurous lifestyle led by freedom. He loves to travel and takes time to experience the places he visits. “Sure, it’s not always as comfortable as being at home, but the number of adventures, interesting experiences, and discovery of new surroundings definitely make up for that.”

When traveling is not an option, Rots has found new challenges in his studio. Using old projectors and colored glass, he turns his attention to composition and expresses his creativity with a new way of working. For Maarten Rots, photography is always a journey.

Maarten Rots

Article written by Monica Radulescu


“Scenes from Home” by Maarten Rots“Scenes from Home” by Maarten Rots
“Echoes” by Maarten Rots
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