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Zuka Kotrikadze: Playful Characters in Mobile Photography

Geometry and Color of Minimalist Photography

Zuka Kotrikadze is a young award-winning Georgian photographer who takes photos using his phone and the newest addition to the MINUS ART fine art prints collection. No fancy studio lights, no expensive equipment — just sunny days, rich colors, and lots of inspiration. Kotrikadze’s work is minimalist, geometric, and vibrant, capturing playful stories in simple compositions in exemplary mobile photography.

In the colors, I found the language that is most interesting to me. I like daylight, sunny days, and its aesthetics that can be both fun and sad.

“Summer Symphony” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT

Kotrikadze turns to minimalism to make his characters visible and allows the viewer to understand the story on their terms. His compositions are graphic and contrasting. Using strong splashes of color and a lot of negative space, Kotrikadze creates visual narratives empowered by emotions. Although his composition style is clean and open, the elements in his photos slowly reveal themselves and surprise the viewer, leading their eyes through the entire space.

“The World From A Window” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT

My favorite photo series is ABC art. With these photos, I was able to connect the character with the viewer. And allowed each viewer to understand it in their way. Minimalism is the best way to do this!

“ABC” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT

The photographer makes a statement by limiting himself to a mobile phone camera and natural light. It’s challenging yet rewarding. From restrictions of mobile photography come creativity, ambition, and determination. Kotrikadze’s subject matters are people and spaces, street life and architecture, nature and man-made scenery. He finds beauty in simple things, and it’s only natural to capture it using the camera on hand.

I think I have added my share of responsibility and proved to myself and those around me that desire, aspiration, hard work are integral. And the most important thing is to always believe in yourself and your abilities.

“Unwhat” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT

Zuka Kotrikadze allows for inspiration to come at any moment, unplanned. The present moment is what matters; the current environment is what stimulates the artist. And although hard and continuous work is necessary, the photographer takes each project as a new challenge and a new opportunity to express his creativity.

Working on a series or project is important and necessary for a photographer. As I said, I do not like to plan everything in advance. The environment and moments stimulate me to create something new.

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Article written by Monica Radulescu

“Framed” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT
“Upside Down” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT
“Melodious” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT
“ABC Art” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT
“Familiar Emotions” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT
“Here in Bad Fussing” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT
“Catch the Shadow” by Zuka Kotrikadze — BUY PRINT
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