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Interior Decor Inspiration: Thrift Store Pieces

Thrift store decor and antique items have always been desirable because of their historical value. The truth is, while such pieces have a story of their own, they can also tell your story and bring personality to a space unlike anything else. Moreover, they don’t overwhelm your budget and represent a sustainable way to decorate your home. 

The good part of using thrift store items is that you don’t have to be a designer. You don’t have to know anything about art history or styles. A piece is valuable just because it caught your eye. While the idea of decorating with thrift store pieces is romantic in its appeal, the reality of it may be complicated, which is why we created this helpful guide for decorating your home with thrift store items.

Mix And Match

You can rarely find two similar pieces, so mixing and matching is a necessity when it comes to thrift store decor. Don’t waste your time trying to find one type of frame for all your art prints and photos. Look for interesting-looking vintage frames in all shapes and colors that match with your existing furniture and decorations. They add personality and transform your art prints into focus points. You can also buy mismatched dishes and serving ware, lamps, and mirrors. Look for similar colors and styles, whether you like bold colors or classic china. As long as they fit their purpose and make you happy, it doesn’t matter they aren’t a set.

Don’t Clutter

Even if thrift store items are a bargain, don’t overdo it. Nobody wants to fill their cupboards with china they don’t use or have more frames than photos. In the spirit of sustainability, you can upcycle or renovate your items and give them a new identity. Use pickle jars to store condiments, make mismatched glasses your new toothbrush supports, and transform old curtains into pillowcases. You can also create a mini art gallery and display only a few photos or art prints at a time.

Functionality Before Design

Make a list with objects your need, and stick to it. Buying pure decorative items is fun but not very useful. It’s better to decorate your walls with a few art pieces than fill your home with candle holders, vases, trinkets, and other useless items. Besides, you can put flowers in an empty bottle or jar. When it comes to thrift store items, less is more.

Your home is a reflection of your personality. Although it’s easier to buy mass-marketed items, thrift store pieces are cheaper and give you space to express your creativity and transform your home into your happy place. 

Article written by Monica Radulescu

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