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Massimo Colonna: Ambiguous Experiments With Art and Photography

When one first discovers Massimo Colonna‘s work, it may be impossible to let the visions leave one’s mind. Simple and modernist, the surrealistic scenery and architecture captivates with a sense of nostalgia and the pleasing aesthetic of his work.

The varying ideas and messages Massimo translates through his set of works represent a part of the artist’s vision and sense of space. His work is best described with the artist’s own explanation of one of his series. “Unclear is their origin or function, uncertain is the destination. The answer is ambiguous.” Having more than one explanation seems to be the trademark of Colonna’s work.

While Massimo is only at the beginning of his journey, his mesmerizing set of works renders viewers speechless. It is unusual for a young artist to produce such well-thought works with a strong sense of the artist’s vision, which is why we as MINUS37 could not pass the chance to learn a little bit more about Massimo Colonna.

"Ambiguous" Series by Massimo Colonna

Tell us a little bit about your life. Was art always present?

When I started working as a post-producer in a photography studio, my passion for photography and the “photographic world”, composition of the image, and light bloomed. For some time, I started to use the 3D to create and invent new places – places that do not exist, or that would be impossible to visit, – just to be able to photograph them.

"Ambiguous" Series by Massimo Colonna

What is your artistic background, when and how did you start? How did you end up with the style you currently work in?

It all started by chance, passing the years the way you see things changes, and even “my style” has changed over time. Lately, I prefer very simple and minimalist compositions to enhance the subjects of the images that I create.

How do you usually work? Walk us through the process.

I start from an idea, sometimes it’s the main theme of the project, sometimes it’s the kind of locations, it depends. Then I do some sketches and, if I’m satisfied, I start the real process of “creation”.

What are the sources of your inspiration and ideas?

I look at a lot of images on the Internet, Instagram, and I let my consciousness get inspired. Sometimes the ideas come to me as I drive from home to work.

"(No) Gravity" Series by Massimo Colonna

How did you find your first commercial clients?

Actually I have not yet had real commercial customers, I have done some collaborations with other artists. At the moment, I’m working on a very interesting project that will come out later, but I can not say anything for now.

Tell us about the journey to your first gallery show/exhibition. How was your work discovered?

Actually, I did not attend my first official show, where one of my works taken from the project “Ambiguous” was showcased, because my son would have been born during the dates of exhibition and I would not miss it for anything in the world! The exhibition was in a gallery in Paris and I think it had a good turnout!

"Mirrors II" Series by Massimo Colonna
"(No) Gravity" Series by Massimo Colonna

What is the main message behind what you do?

There is no a single message behind what I do, every project has its own meaning. I don’t like to limit myself to a single subject or message, I want to always change themes and challenge myself with new things!

Where do you hope your artistic journey takes you? What are your goals?

I would like to make a living out of what I do, even though I know it’s a very difficult thing… I’d like to collaborate with other artists and studies in the future, and do a lot of other things.

"Ambiguous" Series by Massimo Colonna

Could you give any tips or tricks for young emerging artists?

Not sure I could give a lot of advice, I’ve just started myself!

I can say to experiment, look for a recognizable own way and voice, a way to show things from your point of view, and to show your images as much as possible wherever you can!

All images and text courtesy of Massimo Colonna

You can view more work by Massimo on his Instagram and website.

Intro written by Natalie Kotok

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