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Konsta Linkola: The Delicate Balance Between Mankind & Nature

Artistic Background

Konsta Linkola is one of the most interesting photographers when it comes to documenting nature vs. man pictorials. Born in Finland this young photographer (mid-20’s) grew up in a household where together with his two siblings, sister – Inari and brother/business partner Joonas were encouraged to push boundaries and rather fail at trying than never try at all.

He describes his childhood home in Ristinummi, Finland being much like a birds nest. The old log cabin and surrounding wilderness gave plenty of opportunities to grow with exposure to Scouts and Suzuki music school.  In his early 20’s Konsta and his brother Joonas became insta-famous and Konsta used this momentum to further his passion for photography. A passion that started at the young age of 16 while part of the Scouts movement in Finland.

Nature vs man photography by Konsta Linkola, minus37 (21)
Konsta Linkola - Avanto series

Nature Photography by Konsta Linkola

Mankind and nature have never coexisted in balance.

Nature and man’s coexistence has always intrigued Kosta who sees the delicate balance and also recognized humankind’s futile efforts to try and tame nature to meet our expectations. Instead, he showcases how we have been tamed by nature in order to survive and this is portrayed in his Presence series. What makes his work so intriguing is the difficulty of the shoots he undertakes subzero temperatures; bodies in freezing water and generally any situation where the human body’s limits are explored and tested. Linkola’s innate ability to capture these moments of human frailty has him recognized and published by National Geographic making him stand out from the crowd.

Nature vs man photography by Konsta Linkola, minus37 (21)
Konsta Linkola, - Untitled

The Source of Inspiration

Konsta’s source of inspirationnature is an ongoing work that he hopes will continue to portray an ode to living an adventurous life while honoring the absolute majesty of the world that we live in. As a person, he constantly works to uplift and shares experiences that will help others connect on a social and business level while keeping his eye keenly focused on giving back to nature itself.

All images copyright of Konsta Linkola

You can view more work by Konsta Linkola his Instagram and Website.

Article written by Angelina Angileri




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