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Maroesjka Lavigne: Land of Nothingness

Artistic Background

Maroesjka Lavigne is a Belgian photographer who lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. She was born in 1989 and obtained her Masters in Photography from Ghent University in 2012 – Lavigne admits that she simply wanted to study something creative, which is how she ended up studying photography. According to her painting would also have been an option had she felt that she had the talent for it but is grateful for the opportunity that life has given her as a photographer. From her humble beginnings in a small town to a pivotal 5 months in Iceland, her experiences and travels form the basis of her visual images.

It is often the understated photographers such as Maroesjka who simply miss how impacting their work truly is especially when they focus on nature and desolate places of beauty.  

Maroesjka Lavigne - Land of Nothingness series, minus37 (9)
Maroesjka Lavigne - Land of Nothingness series

Inspired by the Isolated Colors of Countries

Her photographic process makes one take a closer look at the authentic colors of our own country and its surrounds. Lavigne says that she does not set out to specifically create a color or specific hue to her photos, but it rather occurs naturally from the surroundings.

She first noticed that each country offers its own unique set of colors when she was in Iceland. Here the tones were mainly blue and white whereas in Namibia it was more orange and red. To add to the process Maroesjka likes to travel to a place alone without any distractions so that she can find the roots of the environment, it is a feeling she has been trying to recapture since her time in Iceland. Her self-published book Island was based on her time Iceland and was so popular that it sold out. When it comes to choosing her favorite photo, she does not hesitate to choose the one with the white Rhino that she captured in Namibia, saying she carries it with her and it always makes her smile.   

Maroesjka Lavigne - Island series, minus37 (4)
Maroesjka Lavigne - Island series

Maroesjka Lavigne – an Award Winning Photographer

Traveling is simply not enough, as Lavigne says it is important to stay focused, be actively aware of your natural impulses and tap into your sense of curiosity. These combined traits are why she has been recognized internationally winning several coveted photographic awards. Her future projects will be based on where she is drawn to next or more specifically which country’s color palette inspires her and piques her curiosity.

All images copyright of Maroesjka Lavigne.

You can view more work by Maroesjka Lavigne her Website and Instagram.

Article written by Angelina Angileri


Maroesjka Lavigne - Land of Nothingness series, minus37 (3)


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