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Interior Design Trend: Calm Comfort

As people spend more and more time at home, we feel the need to renew the space and make it versatile and comforting. More than anything, we want to be close to nature again, recharge our batteries in a calm and safe environment. Calm Comfort is a new interior design trend that embraces our need for well-being. The main idea is to bring nature inside our homes and create a relaxing oasis right in our living-rooms. If you’re looking for new ways to decorate your home, gain more space, and invite purpose and calm in your life, here are the best three features of Calm Comfort.

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Soothing Natural Colors

Calm Comfort brings back light wood tones, relaxing greens and blues, and earthy shades. It also welcomes handmade products, art prints that depict the natural world, and wallpapers with floral motifs. Natural fabrics and materials are also preferred, whether we speak of clothes, cosmetics, interior design, or everyday objects.

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Oasis Inside

Discard heavy curtains and start your own little garden to welcome light and nature into your home. Grow apartment plants, herbs, and flowers; not only are they beautiful, but they also contribute greatly to the environment of your home. It’s rewarding to cook with parsley or basil grown in a pot near the window.

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Embrace Minimalism

Our homes aren’t just homes anymore; we don’t use them solely for cooking dinner and sleeping. We use them for all sorts of other activities and, more than ever, we need designated spaces for each activity. As a result, Calm Comfort promotes minimalism as a way of regaining your space. You may want to consider giving away stuff you don’t use anymore, clothes that don’t fit you, or kitchen supplies you forgot you have. Invest in quality objects that will last longer and forget about buying the latest gadget just because it’s new. A sustainable and eco-friendly home is key for a calm and thoughtful life.

While a temporary solution for the pandemic, the Calm Comfort is here to stay. Get rid of unnecessary clutter, let nature in, and embrace all the positive ideas this interior design trend has to offer. 

Article written by Monica Radulescu

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