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Benjamin Giesbrecht: Canada’s Wilderness Captured by an Adventure Photographer Benngie

Landscape Photography by an Outdoor Enthusiast Benngie

Benjamin Giesbrecht is known to many as “Benngie” via his social media accounts. He was born in Vancouver and travels throughout Canada’s wilderness documenting his adventures. As a young free-spirited individual he combines his love for travel and exploration with his equally intense love of photography.

Based in Ucluelet B.C. he is also the co-founder of Monument Creatives which is a cinematographic branding company. Here Giesbrecht is able to use his photography and cinematography skills in a more commercial setting.

Nature and Landscape Photography by adventure photographer Benjamin Giesbrecht, minus37
Benjamin Giesbrecht - Untitled

Nature and Adventure Brought Together in Images

Benjamin primarily focuses on drawing us into his ‘vagabond’ type travels and daily adventures throughout Canada’s breathtaking hills, forests and pristine mirrored lakes. Often the images have an added human element which creates the feeling of absolute freedom for the human spirit. Nature itself seems to be striking a pose in each captured moment, the sun offers precision lighting and the surrounding hues all dance in perfect unison. If nature’s as a symphony could be displayed in an image, then one only need to get lost in the aria of each of Ben’s images.

The simplistic rural setting are equally complicated in nature with several external elements adding to the overall visual artistry. Photographs that document man’s interaction with nature are placed on a digital memory loop and portrayed as only an experienced storyteller could. Ben’s video and photographs grab our attention due to the sharp detail, clarity of color and ecstatic endorphin inducing euphoria that the images display.

Nature and Landscape Photography by adventure photographer Benjamin Giesbrecht, minus37 (20)
Benjamin Giesbrecht - Untitled

Neverending Exploration

Constantly being on the move across the country, pushing his boundaries of exploration and drawing new acquaintances along the way is a natural progression for the roaming camera lens of Benjamin Giesbrecht. We will all be able to live vicariously through the lens of Benngie and his traveling companions across Canada.

All images copyright of Benjamin Giesbrecht

You can view more work by Benjamin Giesbrecht his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Angelina Angileri




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