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Sarah Bahbah: Retro-Style Photos and Raw Storytelling

Photographic Oeuvre of Sarah Bahbah

Sarah Bahbah is an Australian artist born in Palestine, famous for her retro-style photos and raw storytelling. Currently based in L.A, this creative young photographer had her first solo exhibition in NY in 2018, and soon after in the UK. Sarah work talks about emotions, and it reveals them. Her series called “I Could Not Protect Her” breaks taboos around child sexual abuse, that she survived. Sarah wrote and shared with the audience personal poem about this experience.

Apart from photography work, Sarah directed Kygo’s “Think about you“. As like as in her photography, she captured the beauty and suffering that comes with modern relationships. This video is all about love, more specifically it is inspired with Sarah’s first love: “The video is my expression of it” – says Sarah.

Sarah Bahbah - Sex and Takeout series, Retro style and raw storytelling photography by Sarah Bahbah, minus37 (33)
Sarah Bahbah - Sex and Takeout series

The Art That Reveals Hidden Emotions

Sarah Bahbah’s work started early when she was a teenager, capturing to collect visual representation for paintings. At the college, she started with fashion photography, and then she captured music festivals. In 2016, her work was spotted on Instagram when Elite Daily and Nylon named her Best Instagrammer for the following year.

Sarah is a photographer of subtle emotion, the spiritual and emotional self-explorer. The emotional transparency, both present in her work and her life, is one of the photographer’s recognizable characteristic.

My art is a reflection of my experiences.

Her emotions range from extremely hot to extremely cold ones. The ambivalence of these feelings is an inexhaustible source of her inspiration.

Retro style and raw storytelling photography by Sarah Bahbah, minus37 (6)
Sarah Bahbah - Sex and Takeout series

The Salient Dialogue of Contemporary Women

Sarah’s photos are created with raw storytelling and the use of subtitles to express the inner dialogue of contemporary females. Sarah’s first solo exhibition happened in NYC in March 2018. Called “Fuck Me, Fuck You“, the series talks about vulnerability and loneliness after love and heartbreak. The motifs of Sarah’s aesthetics such as sex, self-indulgence, romance, friendship, empower women to say how they feel, and what they want.

The solo exhibition Splash followed in London, narrating about indulgences and intimacy, released from trauma and guilt.

All images copyright of Sarah Bahbah

You can view more work by Sarah Bahbah her Instagram and Website.

Article written by Danica Jovic



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