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Itamar Freed: Painterly Work of a Fine Art Photographer

Abstract and Nature Photography Blended Together

     London-based artist Itamar Freed is currently pursuing Masters in Photography, where his art work mainly consists abstract and nature photography. It is indeed, rare to find photographers who explore the abstract nature of art and capture the unlikely moments. Abstract photography is not only a magic of imagination but also philosophical and it constructively challenges the existence of reality. Being an artist is truly a work of wonder, and Freed’s photography is like traveling to another world altogether. One of the best things about his photography is that he experiments with different situations and fill them in with varied shades of creativity. You’d be amused to see his nature photography, which embraces traces of greenery and bright hues.

Itamar Freed - Red Flowers, 2016, minus37
Itamar Freed - Red Flowers, 2016

Painterly Nature in Photography Work of Itamar Freed

Some of the images Itamar Freed captures seem like an artwork or a painting. His photography is based around nature or connects deeply to the spellbinding wonders of nature, especially, revolving around the trees, branches, bushes and plants. It is fascinating to see the nature in its purest raw form, which is never really observed by the naked eye. You would be astounded by his way of perceiving things and experimenting them with inserting new focus of objects in the frame. Lately, from November 2017, he has started blending abstract elements with nature photography, which is not only amusing to look at but also makes you believe that creativity is not only limited to things we see.

Itamar Freed - Girl in Pine, 2015, minus37
Itamar Freed - Girl in Pine, 2015

The Art of Portraying the Raw Universe

Every image seems to have a story behind it. His followers on Instagram can easily perceive his surrounding places and imagine his inquisitive personality, which probes to capture the world around him. Unlike other photographers, who tend to create an artificial setting to deliver a meaning, Freed believes in capturing natural surroundings and portraying the raw version of the universe. There is a sense of clarity in every image he takes, wherein he ensures that every color is identified uniquely and provided a space to be embraced. People like us, who love capturing the small space we reside in and highlight simple details of life would fall in love with Freed’s work. He can be regarded as one of those photographers who grow in a natural space and create a whole new dimension of innovation and ingenuity.

All images copyright of Itamar Freed.

You can view more work by Itamar Freed on his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Sonal Chanana

Itamar Freed - Girl II, 2016, minus37
Itamar Freed - Woman and Crane, 2014, minus37
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