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Cristina Coral: Inspiring Conceptual Photographer

Artistic Family

    Brought up in Italy, Cristina Coral has been blessed to live and learn in an artistic environment, where she chose to teach herself to express her emotions through her photography. Her father was a composer, musician and an artist, and over everything she had, she chose her camera to view and capture her world and share it with others. You can view her images at the photography section of a popular magazine Vogue, which revolve around still life, portrait, nature, architecture, fashion, beauty and landscape photography. Not only that, her photographs are published in around other 50+ magazines, which highlight the world she perceives and generate great fandom among other photographers.

Cristina Coral - Room Stories series, minus37com
Cristina Coral - Room Stories series

Redefining Uniqueness Through Photography

Every album is unique in its own way. She shares stories through her albums, without words and sometimes expressions, and the viewer can easily understand the emotions the protagonist is going through without encountering the expressions. One of my favorites is “Once upon a time“, which carries a fictional tale through a series of 13 photographs. Every image and every element in those series have a significant role to play. The fascinating part about these story series is that you’d be delved into the story bereft of any narrator or sound effects. This series, in particular, does not include body parts of the protagonist, except their hands, which are again, covered with white netted gloves. Every photograph and album captured by her has a philosophical relevance. Being a daughter of an artist, she has learned to view the world differently and not shot the images as they are. She ensures that every album is the means to teach the significance of life and living while choosing unique color combinations and keeping the latest fashion trend sin loop.

Cristina Coral - Room Stories, minus37com
Cristina Coral - Room Stories Series

Storytelling in Photography Work of Cristina Coral

You’d be amazed to know that she learned photography by herself. Being a storyteller, she has taught herself to capture the world with hidden meanings, and portray them through her photography. Over the years, she has reached the epitome of professionalism and continues to tell stories through her idiosyncratic style of albums. Her photography is refined and entails the significance of every shade or element used in the images, and you tend to blend into her world and view them creatively.

All images copyright of Cristina Coral.

You can view more work by Cristina Coral on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Sonal Chanana

Cristina Coral - Inside Outside series
Cristina Coral - Alternative perspecive series,
Cristina Coral - The other part of me series, minus37
Cristina Coral - The other part of me series
Cristina Coral - The other part of me, minus37
Cristina Coral - Hidden Beauty series, minus37
Cristina Coral - Alternative perspecive series, minus37
Cristina Coral - Alternative perspecive 1, minus37
Cristina Coral - Inside Outside series, minus37
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