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Interior Design Inspiration: A Minimalist Gallery Wall

Minimalism has become a new way of life as many discover they spend more time managing clutter than they do living. We want bigger houses to store things, more clothes to wear, and more decor to display. Minimalist interior design isn’t a new trend per se, but it is one that is worth mentioning again — less is more has never been more relevant. There are hundreds of things in our homes that don’t have much use in our daily lives. And art and decor fall into that category sometimes. How can you get rid of your favorite art prints, paintings, and family photos? The answer is you don’t have to. You just have to change your way of buying and displaying them.

Create an Emotional Mini Art Collection

Buy art that matters to you. Invest in quality artworks that move you and make your life better. It’s not the quantity that matters, but the therapeutic effect an art piece has on you. While art is decorative, it should also be emotional and personal. If you don’t notice your art prints every day, they aren’t a good match and shouldn’t be on your walls.

Design a Mini Gallery Wall

Don’t display all your art prints and photos at once. Your attention will be divided between them, and your cherished pieces will be lost among the clutter. Besides, you’ll spend more time dusting than enjoying your artworks. Instead, create a mini gallery wall with just three-five pieces. You can use prints with different sizes, frames, and styles. Create a representative collage that catches your attention every time you pass by.

Be Your Home’s Gallery Curator

Just because you choose to display certain pieces, it doesn’t mean that your other artworks will never see the light. Change the wall decorations frequently and enjoy a fresh look each time you do it. Your home will adapt to your feelings and mood. Besides, your artworks will use a break from sunlight and dust exposure.

The minimalist way of life provides a release from endless chores, saves money, and teaches to be creative. You don’t have to give up the things you love; just find out which ones are really important to you and how to value them. A mini gallery wall is a good start to reevaluate your artworks and refresh your home.

Article written by Monica Radulescu

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