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J Louis: Contemporary Femininity, Beauty, and Power

Sensual Paintings

J Louis, a USA-based oil painter, captures sumptuous skin tones and peaceful femininity with a contemporary expressionist flavor. Striking and dewy realism combines with suggestive blocks of earthy tone and texture that frames the empowered and beautiful muses.

"Interweave II" by J Louis, oil on linen, 2017

Using oil on linen, Louis has developed his gorgeous and natural style over “many years of art making”, inspired by the remarkable women he has come to know. Working from his own studio, the J Louis Atelier in New York City, Louis uses a variety of brushes, rollers, scraping tools and “anything he can get hands on” to create his work, to achieve his endearingly rustic aesthetic. He is reconceptualizing methods of old to create his own unique mastery; “Much of what I do is reinterpret traditional tools and techniques.”

"Disposition XI" by J Louis, oil on linen, 2017

Louis spent his youth in a sport orientated mindset; “I competed in athletics and ultimately signed a full scholarship to play soccer for my college.” However, throughout these activities, Louis was focused on drawing and painting, and after graduating, he began to “shift from athletics to a focus in art making. By the time I graduated I had completed several successful solo and group art shows.

"Elevation" by J Louis, oil on linen

Stating that his inspiration is a “by-product” of the remarkable females in his life reinforces Louis’ deep kinship with femininity and its power, most notably that of his wife; “my life changed dramatically when I met my wife and that experience has shaped much of what I do now.”  Louis uses his paintings of women to share the love and admiration he has for the empowered figures.

"Deep Space" by J Louis, oil on linen

As an artist in modern times, J Louis feels that both he and other contemporary artists have an “exceptional feel for the pulse of society – young artists see the world with a more open lens.” His lens clearly has a keen calling for the beauty, gentle power and mysticism surrounding femininity, and these hard to capture concepts are so lovingly crafted through his balmy, thoughtful faces and contemporary, surreal and depth-giving elements.

All images copyright of J Louis

You can view more work by J Louis on his Instagram and website.

Article written by Kate Smith

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