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Jessica Oliveras: Immortalising Emotion In Sensual Oils

Perfect Imperfections

A London-based oil artist, originating from Barcelona, Jessica Oliveras creates sumptuous oil portraits laced with a classical eroticism and emotional symbolism. She is undeniably influenced by the exotic and sensual subjects, with exaggerated emotionalism and drama being abundantly present within her works.

"Cubana" by Jessica Oliveras, oil on canvas, 2019

With a professional artist as a father and an art book director for a mother, Oliveras grew up “surrounded by art, artists and art critics”. She began her painting journey as a child, inspired immensely by her father until she connected with her own emerging style. “Now that I have my own style, my works present a balance between contemporary matters and connotations from the Romanticism era.”

"Seduction from the Underworld" by Jessica Oliveras, oil on canvas, 2018

“My subjects are the real storytellers; I am only the medium who gives them a voice.”

"Lonely Water" by Jessica Oliveras, oil on canvas, 2018

Oliveras is drawn to “beautiful souls, with their own reality that is worth showing”. Her process includes intricately scouting out the appropriate models and taking a host of photos for reference, after which she begins her detailed painting. “I work with oil medium which gives me a tip of gloss to my oil paint. I work with small brushes, especially when I do the skin as I pay attention to the little imperfections of it.” The realism she so avidly searches for is achieved by her meticulous craft and dedication to likeness.

"I Am a Beauty Queen" Diptych by Jessica Oliveras, oil on canvas

“My goal is always to attempt, as much as possible, to immortalize the feelings and emotion arising from my subjects’ experiences. It is the narrative and the journey that I aim to capture and present to my audience – reacting upon the real power of embracing our fears and naked souls.”

"He Loved Her Too Much" by Jessica Oliveras, oil on canvas

Jessica Oliveras appears to be acutely tuned into profound humanness and seems dedicated to presenting it in its raw complexity and beauty. Grateful for the privilege of being a part of “the ancient craft that is art”, Oliveras uses modern tools to represent a true narrative of humanity, emotional nature, and desire.

All images copyright of Jessica Oliveras

You can view more work by Jessica on her website and Instagram.

Article written by Kate Smith

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