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Alex Currie: Dreamlike World of a Storyteller

The Creative Universe of Alex Currie

Alex Currie is an American photographer and filmmaker.  He grew up in New York and Southern California. During high school days, he started his first photo-project, called “365“. A year later, the teenager from Buffalo, become well known for his art. Flickr chose him for the most talented young photographer (“20 under 20”) in 2014. Since then, his artistic path successfully growth. His photo was used for HBO’s show The Leftovers and he had a number of exhibitions around the world.

Everything Is Going to Be Alright, 2017
Alex Currie - Everything Is Going to Be Alright, 2017

365 Days for 365 Magical Photos

Alex Currie was always interested in filmmaking and photography. After graduation, he enrolled at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. The photographer found inspiration in basic, ordinary life. His first, high school project, “365” (2013-2014), started with the idea to take, edit and publish photos every day. He captured basic things, showing how they could be interpreted in an artistic way.

Planning, shooting and editing a new photo every day was very tedious. But it was also a great exercise for me as a photographer. I’ve always had to challenge myself and I’m glad I did that.

In 2017 Alex opened a series of photographing another 365 pictures, continuing to challenge himself every day.

Storytelling photography by Alex Currie, minus37 (1)
Alex Currie - Untitled 2017

Dreamlike World and Reality – Storytelling Photography

Alex uses a camera to create strong and unique stories that reflect reality as well as a dreamlike world. In one interview he described the core of his work:

My photographic style varies and is constantly evolving but generally, it revolves around storytelling… the moments in between and leading up to a traditional narrative climax can be found in a majority of my photographs.

American Summer” is one of the latest series of photos. The photos have been created to provoke illusion and fiction. The dreamlike landscapes and enigmatic portraits imply the photographer’s own view of the world and his state of mind. The photos inspire with contrast details and colors and tell us stories about human states and emotions.

All images copyright of Alex Currie

You can view more work by Alex Currie his Instagram and Website.

Article written by Danica Jovic





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