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Brittany Wright: Photographs That Visually Tantalize Our Taste Buds

When a Photographer Sees Food as an Art Source

Seattle based photographer Brittany Wright says that her love of photography goes as far back into her childhood as she can remember. Her most vivid being at the age of 11 when her grandparents who raised her gave her a camera which she shared with them. She spent 5 years working in the Technology field before she went back to her first love photography. Okay, that’s not entirely true as Brittany’s first love is actually food!  The combination of these two loves are the inspiring photos one finds on her Instagram account @wrightkitchen.

Brittany Wrigth - Carrot Gradient
Brittany Wrigth - Banana Gradient

A Visual Learning Curve That Will Never End

Brittany is very different so far as her life aspirations are concerned, most people will take on a task to complete it, however, this photographic food fundie is the total opposite. Wright admits that her love affair with food is one that is a never-ending learning process in how ingredients are combined to form different recipes. This learning curve includes her ability to constantly transform even the simplest of food sources into a visual art show.

Brittany Wrigth - Watermelon Blue
Brittany Wrigth - Watermelon Blue
Brittany Wrigth - Kiwi, Hot Pink
Brittany Wrigth - Kiwi, Hot Pink

Food Photography by Brittany Wright

Her ability to creatively arrange and capture seasonal produce in such a way as to produce color palettes that resemble the brightest of rainbows is just a small sampling of Wright’s unique photographic eye. The clever capture of foods in varying stages of decay is probably something that no one would have considered as visually stimulating and thanks to the ingenuity and curiosity of Brittany Wright we all get to explore a very interesting and thought-provoking culinary world of photography. In truth, she is seen as one of the most used photographers and her images can be found on every social site including Pinterest, Google, and Instagram.

As a photographer who admits that she loves to have several goals at one given time, it seems that we have not seen the limits of Wright’s photographic food journey. In fact, it might even be beneficial to take a page from her book and set a limitless time frame on completing any task we truly love.

All images copyright of Brittany Wright

You can view more work by Brittany Wright her Website and Instagram.

Article written by Angelina Angileri






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