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Isabella Nazzarri: Kaleidoscope of Colors

Sacred Imperfect Nature

Isabella Nazzarri, an Italian mixed-media artist and sculptor, uses a vast range of materials, techniques, and forms to create strikingly natural and colorful visuals. Her works carry a deeply organic flavor, endearingly reminiscent of geodes, life, and its imperfect sacredness.

"Sistema Innaturale (15)" by Isabella Nazzarri, watercolor on paper, 2015

With a keenness to explore with her creations, Nazzarri has climbed into a deliciously limitless world of fruitful opportunity. “I like to experiment with many different matters.” She has always felt calling towards the vocation of art which guided her study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and later in Milan. Studying in renowned artistic territory inspired Isabella, she found her style as a result of studying fresco painting, where the painting must be finished in a day, with abstract and expressionist themes. Fresco guided her to create abstraction with immediacy; “I had never had this kind of approach before and I was happy to see that the result was the most beautiful picture I had ever made.”

"Innesti" by Isabella Nazzarri, watercolor on paper, 2016

Flow is an important part of Nazzarri’s process, where she does not look for a single result but lets it emerge by itself.  Drawing inspiration from writing, she does not use visual references, but instead, uses the rich and complex fascination she finds in “the strange relationship between man and nature. In an emotional way, I’m very attracted by colors and their meanings, in nature as in human reality.

"Innesti Acido Romantico" by Isabella Nazzarri, watercolor on paper, 2018
"Innesti Dopo La Tempesta" by Isabella Nazzarri, watercolor on paper, 2018

“My work evocates nature and its double connection with people; on one side there is the fascination and the perfection of nature, on the other the alienation and the fear.”

"Inside" by Isabella Nazzarri, oil on canvas

Working horizontally on large surfaces using “materials that recall natural textures such as watercolor, resin, and water, along with oil painting as mud and foam as stone”, Isabella combines earth-like imagery and form with bright color and freshness. Hoping to provoke reactions, instead of answers, Nazzarri appeals to people’s inherent draw and kinship with the natural world. The “silent conflict” of the natural, familiar yet extra-terrestrial nature of the Earth lives inside of her thoughtful works. It is clear that her mind is rooted in a deeply appreciative and grounded state, where she can channel her awoken energy into a visual story.

"Innesti (56)" by Isabella Nazzarri, watercolor on paper, 2016

Isabella Nazzarri comments on the challenges of being an artist in society today, “compared to the past, there is much more information and much more visual information, this can be a problem, like every saturated thing.” Regardless of the dense availability of art today, she manages to capture something strikingly original, poignant and delicately beautiful with her earth-inspired visual representations.

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You can view more work by Isabella on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Kate Smith

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