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Dominika Keller: Vibrant Botanicals and Antiquated Charm

Refreshing Botanical Illustration

Dominika Keller captures the vibrant beauty of the natural world, honoring the cycle. She depicts the beauty of botanicals, portraiture, and domestic items in vibrant yet soft watercolor delicacy, with a uniquely antiquated style. With her background in botanical illustration and a keen eye for nature, Keller’s work feels like a fusion of modern expressionism and Victorian botanical journal illustration. Her visuals are nothing short of wholesome, sensory, and refreshing. 

I think my visual style is bold, often using ‘happy’ colors, depicting beautiful things, nature-inspired, memory-evoking, or nostalgic.

“Clarice Cliff With Banksia and Yellow Buttons” by Dominika Keller

Keller draws unlimited inspiration from the ever-changing cycles of her garden. “I am constantly inspired by what is flowering or dying in my garden or catching my eye at home and have a flow of ideas running through me.

Keller seems deeply rooted in the beauty of every day, paying homage to sentimentality and nature in its many states: from bloom to decay. One can almost feel the crispness of her autumnal leaves and smell the freshness of her vibrant floral blooms. Her keen sense of sentimental connection makes life a constant source of beauty and fresh ideas. Whereby even the simple task of cutting up fruit for her children can birth an entourage of aesthetics worth capturing.

It is clear that the natural world lies at the very heart of Dominika Keller’s visuals — she finds much joy in painting vibrant and lush leaves, such as the grand Monstera plant. Even her delicate and gentle female and infant portraiture feature a gorgeous array of flower crowns, lush foliage, and a general homage to mother earth.

Organic tones bind Keller’s works in cohesion — lush moss greens, rose pinks, deep ochres, and earthy browns feature heavily in both her flora and still life paintings. The artificial colors would feel out of place with her natural charm. 

“Blackwood With Yellow Ceramics” by Dominika Keller

Keller is similar to other creators, as she states that the most rewarding part of her work “has been the ability to share it with an increasingly bigger audience.” With more commissions around the globe in the pipeline, she will be capturing the client’s sentimental objects fused with her classic, floral decoration to match modern industrial homes. Dominika Keller’s style is perfect for softening modern décor with its vibrant approachability. 

Dominika Keller
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Article written by Kate Smith

“Clarice Cliff With Wattle in Medicine Bottle” by Dominika Keller
“Clarice With Friends On Studio Armoire” by Dominika Keller
“Making Lemonade” by Dominika Keller
“Wattle in Medicine Bottle – B” by Dominika Keller
“Wattle in Medicine Bottle – E” by Dominika Keller
“Foraged Magnolia From Judy” by Dominika Keller
Portrait by Dominika Keller


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