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Nikolas Antoniou: Delving into The Human Figure

The Art of the Human Body

One of the best features of human beings is their human bodies. Artist Nikolas Antoniou agrees and has been making human bodies the subject of his paintings for years. His observations about the human body are what inspires him to create his pieces. The figures in his works express feelings of motion and movement, and so are inspired by contemporary dancers who portray their emotions through their bodies.

"Can It Be" by Nikolas Antoniou, oil on canvas, 2018

Born in Larnaca, Cyprus, where he now resides and works, Antoniou graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Western Macedonia in Greece. His journey to becoming a full-fledged artist wasn’t as typical as one might guess. He first started drawing when he was young but aspired to be an architect like his cousin. Eventually, he realized that math wasn’t for him and pursued a less scientific branch of fine arts.

"Something Fresh" by Nikolas Antoniou, oil on canvas, 2018

“People choose not to see art to its core but rather stay on the surface – that is the way they tackle everything they see.”

Painting by Nikolas Antoniou, oil on canvas, 2018

Unique Perspectives

While people call Nikolas Antoniou a contemporary artist, he himself doesn’t feel that way about the art that he produces. He says that while he is contemporary, he is in his own perspective. His work does not necessarily reflect the world as it is today, but it reflects his personal views and represents pieces of it that he’s witnessed with his eyes.

"Falling Into Place" by Nikolas Antoniou, mixed media on canvas, 2017

The young artist does not restrict himself by placing a theme on his work or relating his work with one another, he only lets his creativity flow from the brain to the canvas and does his work freely, without any limitations. Nikolas’ thoughts and creative process are more organic in that way and it isn’t bound by a singular idea or concept.

"Diving In A Pastic Sea" by Nikolas Antoniou, oil on canvas, 2018
"Weird Fishes" by Nikolas Antoniou, oil on canvas, 2017

“Being an artist for me means that you spend a lot of time thinking of how to combine and organize chaos. So, being a young artist in a modern society feels necessary!”

"Portrait I" by Nikolas Antoniou, oil and spray on canvas, 2018

Organized Chaos

Nikolas Antonio does not produce just one type of painting. While his style is unique to him and his subjects are mostly human figures, each painting evokes different feelings and emotions from its viewer. His blues and reds, and everything in between add to the intimacy his works project.

"Gravity Always Wins" by Nikolas Antoniou, oil on canvas, 2017
"With bated Breath" by Nikolas Antoniou, oil on canvas, 2017

“One of my teachers used to say that art is the space between the viewer and the painting. So, this is where my art lies.”

"Holes" by Nikolas Antoniou, oil on canvas, 2018

His preferred medium is oil on canvas, though he’s been trying to experiment with acrylics and sprays when working. The pieces seem, at first, to be classical, but a modern twist is added which bends the artwork in a way that is interesting and intriguing. Nikolas has been veering away from his traditional training and has been taking a more modern approach to painting. He encourages viewers of his work to spend just a few minutes in front of each painting. This way, they are invited to start a private conversation with the pieces, effectively starting a private conversation with themselves.

All images copyright of Nikolas Antoniou

You can view more work by Nikolas on his Instagram.

Article written by Kathlene Masilongan

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