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Elena Jasic: Provocative and Minimal Fashion Photography

Elena Jasic  – Self-taught Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography always brings new and interesting items represented in a creative way. This process implied a team of designers, models, makeup artist and hairstylist, but also a skillful photographer with a vision. Elena Jasic is a self-taught fashion photographer from the U.S. Her fashion editorials are unique and dynamic, showing the natural beauty of the models and the modern aesthetic and style.

Elena Jasic - Latex (detail), LUCYS Magazine, minus37
Elena Jasic - Latex, LUCYS Magazine
Elena Jasic - LA series, minus37 (2)
Elena Jasic - LA series

Journey to the Photography World

Elena was born in Serbia and lived there until the age of 10 when her family emigrated to the U.S. She got in touch with a camera when she was 13, spending time with her mother who takes credit for daughter’s basic knowledge about photography. Even though Elena didn’t consider photography for a job at the first time, her passion for it increased when she was in High School. She even got a scholarship to study photography, but she decided to do it on her own and started to create great images.

Elena Jasic - GLOSS LUCYS MAGAZINE, minus37 (3)
Elena Jasic - Gloss, Lucys Magazine
Elena Jasic - Blood, Bullett Magazine, minus37 (3)
Elena Jasic - Blood, Bullett Magazine

Fashion Photography – from Unique Vision to the Creation of Spectacular Images

Elena Jasic is well-known for high fashion editorials. She described her work as “very simple and clean with a touch of darkness“. She captures mostly woman’s portraits that have mystical, sometimes even surreal look.  Elena’s process of creating these images requires a lot of work and collaboration with a group of people. In the first place are the makeup artist and models.

I always look for good skin and great bone structure. A dose of sex appeal is definitely needed as well.

The photos show models with the artistic makeup. Her photographs on the neutral background feature the breathtaking look of the model that reflects a new vision of the style.

All images copyright of Elena Jasic.

You can view more work by Elena Jasic her Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic








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