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Peter Chan: Narrative of the Artist in Exploration of Traditional Ideals

Soothing Colors and Smooth Brushstrokes

Peter Chan is a Hongkongese artist who lives and works in Canada. Chan captures serene moments of people’s lives, portraying a different view on Asia. His works feature traditional Asian objects presented in the Western still-life painting style — familiar locations transformed into an alternative reality, and people as real as captured by cameras. By decomposing the world into shapes and concepts, Chan infuses his representations of mundane activities with soft colors and attitudes. 

“Gold Gazing” by Peter Chan

By going from psychology to traditions, popular culture, and gender ideologies, Peter Chan explores a wide variety of subject matter. His newest project — Ideals and Traditions — allows him to explore his inner self and the influence of his culture. The viewer is kindly invited into Chan’s universe, filled with soothing colors and smooth brushstrokes.

“Feng Shui” by Peter Chan

I think it is a good idea to learn to be aware of our everyday life. I like being able to form multiple layers within an image, which includes visual narrative (storytelling), technical execution (painting technique), and an autobiographical connection (personal thoughts) where possible.

“Dinner in the Nuptial Chamber” by Peter Chan

His use of natural pigments and real-life experiences create a rounded body of work that enchants the public. While quarantined, Chan worked at home and produced a new series of artworks entitled For the Love of Gold.

“Beyond the Veil” by Peter Chan

I write down a lot of things that come to my curious mind, and there are a lot of questions to ask and be asked. All this I find is a constant process in learning about oneself.

“Midnight in Jiufen” by Peter Chan

Chan studied art at the Sheridan College in Toronto and now teaches art at several colleges. The painter believes in continuous education and the power of the artistic community. Although he has a long list of exhibitions on two continents, Peter Chan continues to grow, explore new creative areas, and challenge himself to be better artist every day. 

“Historic Bride” by Peter Chan

The community of supportive artists, curators, and collectors around me has also been one of the best blessings in my artistic journey. The most challenging part is perhaps the constant search to evolve as an artist; sometimes, I fight myself in challenging myself to go beyond my comfort zone in order to grow. I am a believer that challenges are a great opportunity to grow internally, and it gives us an opportunity for learning.

Peter Chan
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Article written by Monica Radulescu

“Anonymous” by Peter Chan
“Bridge” by Peter Chan
“Timeline” by Peter Chan
“Endure” by Peter Chan
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“One Glance from Bole” by Peter Chan
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“Winnings” by Peter Chan
“Somnolence” by Peter Chan
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