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Jana Medina: Unsaturated Union and Awakened Loveliness

Femininity In Bloom

Jana Medina, a Barcelona based illustrator, uses watercolor and pencil to create porcelain-like delicacy and botanically beautiful femininity. Prevalent themes of minimalism, nature, and women gently create a gorgeously benevolent and fresh set of works.

"She" by Jana Medina, watercolor and pencil on paper

“My father was an illustrator and I have been lucky enough to have his support to dedicate myself to it.”

Jana has been inspired by art throughout her life. Following the footsteps of her artistic parent, she studied illustration at the Escola d’Arti Superior de​ ​Disseny Pau Gargallo in Barcelona and Art Academy of Latvia in Riga, where she fell in love with the art of illustration. She states that she always has a pencil in her hand and that she has learned the skill of “explaining herself through her drawings”.

"Dress" by Jana Medina, watercolor and pencil on paper

Her minimal style is born from an ethos of “less is more” that she identifies with greatly. Her tactilely elegant use of line and translucent color does not demand to be seen, but softly guides the eye to its delicacy. Faded fruits, feathers, and faces combine in the unsaturated union and awakened loveliness to communicate Jana’s perspective and identity.

"Freeckless" by Jana Medina, pencil on paper

The Spirit of Jana

Watercolor is a medium that Jana finds “fascinating”; she loves the meticulously delicate process that achieves such softness in her work. “It is a technique that requires delicacy, you need to give it time to dry and follow again. I love to start drawings practically with only water and layer after layer it is coming to life,” she says. Jana’s occupation with bringing life to her paintings is clearly shown in the results, with her pieces all holding a uniquely organic and spiritual aura.

"Braid" by Jana Medina, pencil on paper

“The subject of consciousness has always been very present in my work, I like to reach the sensitive side of people.”

"Russian Girl" by Jana Medina, watercolor on paper

Jana Medina projects her intimate self, as well as cultural symbolism and fashion inspiration with simplicity, communicating conscious themes that portray the delicate beauty and understated suggestion, always seeking to catalyze and appeal to the viewer’s compassion, emotional self, and conscience.

All images copyright of Jana Medina

You can view more work by Jana on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Kate Smith

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