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Jee Won Park: A Contemporary Pink Dream of Manipulated Photographs

A Breath of Fresh Air

Jee Won Park is a South Korean digital manipulation artist who lives and works in Rome. Park achieves an otherworldly pastel beauty and calmness in her gorgeous fusion of photography and editing, featuring endearingly floral themes combining with water, light, easy pinks, and a fresh bubbly-clean aesthetic.

Artwork by Jee Won Park

“I love playing with lights to make the subjects look dreamy but still real.”

Artwork by Jee Won Park

Park has been drawn to creating from an early age, where she favored coloring and drawing; however, as she entered her teenage year, a love for Photoshop and digital manipulation began. “I used to create my own desktop wallpapers. There weren’t many online tutorials at that time and I found it hard to use, so my interested faded away quite easily after one year or so. Between the ages of 15-16, I completely stopped creating any kind of art.” A change happened in 2016 when she got herself an iPhone 6s (that she is still using). She started “taking a lot of pictures of landscapes and objects from my everyday life. That’s when I opened Photoshop once again and started editing my photos as a hobby. I spent a lot of time experimenting, and consequently found my own style as it is today.” Park uses her laptop to edit these dreamy, soft visuals that are a testament to her large Instagram following.

Artwork by Jee Won Park

“Nature is my no.1 source of inspiration. Sunlight, moonlight, water, flowers, bubbles… anything that I can feel connected to becomes an inspiration for my art.”

Artwork by Jee Won Park

Park’s gravitation towards nature and its organic beauty is gorgeously infused in her modern works, where a love of the traditional merges with a contemporary pop-realism. Her range of pinks, purples, and captivating use of light welcomes the viewer to softer, clearer and the much calmer world, just for a moment.

Artwork by Jee Won Park

Park does not create with a specific message in mind. “I started creating and still create because I enjoy it – but I’m really happy when people tell me they feel calmness and peace when they look at my works.” She believes that in expressing feelings such as peace and hope, she can feel truly alive and true to herself. Park’s dreamy visuals continue to capture the hearts of many fans with the use of her peaceful contemporary knowledge of photo editing that captures the soft calm of her spirit.

All images copyright of Jee Won Park

You can view more work on Jee Won’s Instagram.

Article written by Kate Smith

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