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Rebecca Handler: Conceptual and Underwater Photography

Artistic Background

Rebecca Handler was born in 1981 in Suffern, New York – a perfect place for creatives and open-minded individuals. She was studying at the University of California, and after graduating from college she started working in the motorcycling industry. After some time, she focused on photography on the agenda to express herself and “put a smile on someone face”. In the last 15 years, Rebecca made her work recognizable and it was many times awarded.

Rebecca Handler - Day 2, Underwater Series, Minus37
Rebecca Handler - Day 2, Underwater Series

Underwater Series

Rebecca, a native New Yorker, recognized the potential that gives the world’s most exciting city and decided to use it in her creative work. At the period of time, she resided on Brooklyn’s waterfront, a place of everyday inspiration. She describes herself as a conceptual and underwater photographer, working both in advertising and fine art. But it is not an easy job, especially when you are one of the first artists in this field. Rebecca succeeded to mix different areas of photography and digital art and to move boundaries and be innovative. Series of images named “Underwater” represents an exacting surreal world of the artist. In focus are people in the movement or standing in the middle of rich blue water background. The photographer combines motifs from reality and those that are only possible in our imagination. Mermaids in the swimming pool kissing men who maybe don’t know what is below the surface, which makes the photo thrilling and provokes tense to the audience. A beautiful young man sitting in a cross-legged position in the deep of the ocean, stimulate us to think about unreal, unconscious world. Gown plush wafting in the water creates mystical and exciting thoughts encourages us to dream about impossible.

Rebecca Handler - Psych, Underwater Series, Minus37
Rebecca Handler - Psych, Underwater Series

Imposing Digital Art by Rebecca Handler

Rebecca is very popular, but she didn’t give up on what is called “authentic style” or “personal identity” of the artist. Her vintage aesthetic takes us back in earlier decades, but with fresh, new look of the photo collages. Her style she describes as “kitsch with class“. Her images have a rich color palette and a lot of details. She tries to tell a story and communicate with the audience. As she once said, she builds a narrative, but she always leaves her stories “open-ended to give the viewer room for their imaginations to explore”.

All images copyright of Rebecca Handler.

You can view more work by Rebecca Handler on her Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic

Rebecca Handler - Untitled, Underwater Series
Rebecca Handler - Claire II, Underwater Series, Minus37
Rebecca Handler - Mermaids, Underwater Series, Minus37
Rebecca Handler - Marilyn, Underwater Series, Minus37
Rebecca Handler - Untitled, Underwater Series, Minus37
Rebeca Handler - Untitled, Undertwater series, minus37
Rebecca Handler - Couple, Underwater Series, Minus37
Rebecca Handler - Claire, Underwater Series, Minus37
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