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Arran Gregory: Elegant Savagery of Beastly Sculptures

A Beast Within

Elegance and savagery seem like two concepts that repel one another like water and oil, however, this exquisite symbiosis is what young artist Arran Gregory achieves through his sculptures. Having started his career in graphic design for communication, Arran knows how to synthesize the ideas in the minimum amount of possible strokes without losing the strength or the concept of the idea he has to express.

"Mirror Wolf" by Arran Gregory, fiberglass and mirror, 2012

Integrating wild animals such as bears and foxes to the straight and angular lines that immediately evoke the concepts of modern architecture, Arran’s works stand as modern totems that portray the power of the beast in a human. This evocation becomes more intense and personal in the pieces created from mirrors since the viewers can see themselves reflected in them in a segmented way, thus mimicking the animal.

"Amur Leopard" by Arran Gregory, fiberglass, steel, and mirror, 2015

Technological Challenges

Despite confessing that his inspiration can come from any source, Arran’s work focuses directly on the creation of sculptures that reminds of the technique generated by computers, however, the work itself is entirely manual. Arran agrees that using digital techniques to develop the work has its own merits but stresses that “it removes artist’s ‘hand’ and the results tend to lack the nuances where much of the expression lies.

"Inverted Reflection" by Arran Gregory, airbrush on canvas, 2018
"Brightness Contrast" by Arran Gregory, airbrush on canvas, 2018

Arran’s pieces are created with different types of materials since he is passionate about experimenting with them. However, the common element among them is that they are all synthetic with bright and reflective finishes which generates a direct integration of the viewer with the piece.

"Hunt" Exhibition by Arran Gregory, fiberglass, steel, and mirror, 2015

While it might seem that technology and the natural evolution of nature could be antagonistic, through his work, Arran seeks to generate dialogue between two concepts and integrate them by adding to technological advances that vital component that only human beings can contribute.

All images copyright of Arran Gregory.

You can view more work by Arran on his Instagram and website.

Article written by Anamaria Aguirre Chourio

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