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Katty Huertas: Art Encompassing Humanitarian Values

Everchanging Environment

Regardless of how the world has changed over the centuries, art has always been a reflection of those changes. Acting as a prism through which the world can be perceived, art is creatively translating into its language every aspect of society. In an attempt to authentically engage with numerous phenomena of today’s history and culture, artist Katty Huertas works in a variety of mediums: painting, digital drawing, fiber work, animation, and sculpture.

"Blurriness" by Katty Huertas, acrylic on canvas, 2016
"Mirror, Mirror" by Katty Huertas, acrylic on canvas, 2016

“I feel like artists are a response to their environment.”

"Through The Canvas" by Katty Huertas, acrylic on canvas, 2016

Drawing inspiration from different things, like music, movies, essays, as well as personal experiences from everyday life, Katty explores the diversity of subjects, while also dealing with social issues through her artwork, such as feminism, double standards, and immigration. 

“I’m anything but a minimalist, and I try to add a lot of detail to my pieces, so people have to take a second look.”

"Lightheaded I" by Katty Huertas, digital illustration and animation
"Lightheaded II" by Katty Huertas, digital illustration and animation

Because her art is highly personal, before diving into the creation of an artwork, she starts contemplating the problems she has to deal with on a daily basis, and then makes her thoughts tangible. This way, the artist connects with the audience: the viewer can find themselves in the art piece, and by recognizing that their struggles are shared with the artist, they get comfort in it, knowing that they are not alone.   

"Train I" by Katty Huertas, digital illustration and animation

“Most of the stuff I create has a personal meaning, so I really appreciate when people take a second to try and decipher, or project their own meaning into what I create.”

"Labor And Pride I" by Katty Huertas, digital illustration
"Labor And Pride II" by Katty Huertas, digital illustration

Other Values

Additionally, Huertas is also a knitwear designer: she makes hand-knitted and crocheted accessories. After her grandmother taught her how to knit, she continued this life-long family tradition. Furthermore, through knitting, she stands for animal rights and refuses to use animal materials in this craft – only high-quality acrylic yarn.

“I like the tactile qualities and bright colors of paint, but I also love the immediacy of working digitally.”

"Studio" by Katty Huertas, digital illustration, 2017

Katty Huertas’ art, in its entirety, represents the wholeness of human life: while fighting for human and animal rights, and helping the viewer deal with their struggles by openly exposing hers, the artist reminds the viewer of the warmth of humanitarian values and sends a strong message that people should help and support each other, striving for altruism and the highest good of all. 

All images copyright of Katty Huertas.

You can view more work by Katty on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Katarina Petric

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