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Petros Koublis: Photographer, Painter and a Writer

Artistic Background

Petros Koublis was born in 1981. He shortly studied painting and then started learning photography in Athens Institute. Since 2000 Petros Koublis is dedicated to photography and he has been working on his own ideas as well as on some fashion photography projects and portraiture. His work is international – he lives and works in Athens and New York and collaborates with a number of magazines in Greece and abroad.
Petros Koublis is committed to his own projects in photography. As an open-minded and pensive person, he found a way to shape and represent his thoughts and feelings. And he did this through two mediums – photography and writing.

Petros Koublis - Morgane, minus37
Petros Koublis - Morgane, minus37

Petros Koublis’s Philosophy of the Photography

The work of Petros Koublis tends to be philosophical. Petros is known for his writing for HuffPost, where he discusses human nature and the world surrounding us, about how people see things and how they experience everyday life. His photography work shows similar ideas and reveals the photographer way of living and creating. Petros searches the real, but hidden nature. Photography is a way of how he pushes his mind further.

Everything exists inside us in an abstract form, as a potential that waits to be manifested when life reveals the right conditions. For me, it was photography.

Petros travels around Greece and US in searching for inspiration. Shooting the landscapes became his main interest. According to his work, we can say that the photographer has an intimate, deep experience with nature. If we think about the world surround us, we will find that it can give us more than we can see or imagine. Photography is not a real part of someplace, and it is certainly not the created scene. Petros is an observer – he waits for “nature to create” perfect moment, and during that, he prepares himself thinking and patiently waiting to catch the scene.

Petros Koublis - Sierra, minus37
Petros Koublis - Sierra, minus37

Landscapes of Greece

Petros Koublis’s work is inspired by Greece – a land of civilization, mythology and the natural beauty of the environment. His collection Silentia represents series of photos made on some of the most beautiful Aegean islands: Milos, Tinos, Santorini, but also in the US’ Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, and in the shores of North Carolina. Three colors dominate in the collection – black, white and blue.

Petros Koublis - Cerise, minus37
Petros Koublis - Cerise, minus37

Project In Landscapes was partly inspired by happenings caused by the Greek crisis. The series of photos were made in the area that surrounds Athens. The city changed in the past years and, as the photographer said, depression “gradually influences every aspect of life“. As the opposite of everyday life in the city center, Petros Koublis decided to show something different – the beauty of the outskirt of Athens.

The photographer sees landscapes as a field of interaction between the world around us and our feelings. With blurred lines of the surrounding land, the focus of the photos is on one particular piece of nature, caught in the movement and showed in all its beauty and strength. It can be an animal – a pretty horse emerges from the fog, sea wave spotted at the moment when it becomes meerschaum or some alone old olive trees.

There is no beauty that is timeless but the timelessness of nature can reflect a new direction, maybe even a hope.


All images copyright of Petros Koublis.

You can view more work by Petros Koublis on his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Danica Jovic

Petros Koublis - Isora, minus37
Petros Koublis - Eliane, minus37
Petros Koublis - Lael, minus37
Petros Koublis - Denver, minus37
Petros Koublis - Elden, minus37
Petros Koublis - Seagreen, minus37
Petros Koublis - Bluebell, minus37
Petros Koublis - Hydra, minus37
Petros Koublis - Izar, minus37
Petros Koublis - Apis, minus37
Petros Koublis - Mejilla, minus37
Petros Koublis - Peplos, minus37
Petros Koublis - Izar, minus37
Petros Koublis - Aveta, minus37
Petros Koublis - Esme, minus37
Petros Koublis - Oceanos, minus37
Petros Koublis - Satis, minus37
Petros Koublis - Jasmine, minus37
Petros Koublis - Beatrice, minus37
Petros Koublis - Lani, minus37
Petros Koublis - Mallory, minus37
Petros Koublis - Adelyn, minus37
Petros Koublis - Sitara, minus37
Petros Koublis - Hyacinth, minus37
Petros Koublis - Meadow, minus37
Petros Koublis - Tierra, minus37
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