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Tishk Barzanji: The Unity of Space

Modernist Utopia

Living in a modern society, ridden by anxiety, stress, and emotional distance, people often isolate themselves and detach from one another. Deeply moved by the intrinsic loneliness of a human life in the modern age, artist Tishk Barzanji creates surreal abstract landscapes, in which he portrays the utopia of 24/7 connectivity between people and their environment. His digital illustrations are a reminder that an individual is never truly alone unless they choose to be.

"Imitate" by Tishk Barzanji, 2018
"For Refugees International" by Tishk Barzanji, 2017

“I hope my work touches all walks of life, invokes an inspiration in human lives, and helps them progress in whatever they are doing.”

"Tea Salon" for American Express by Tishk Barzanji, 2017
"Orchid" by Tishk Barzanji, 2018

Barzanji is fascinated by how people live and how they communicate. After an unfortunate event, when he was ill for a year with a Migraine vertigo mixed with anxiety, he started exploring his passion for art by researching and documenting his surroundings. He spent two years analyzing how people use space – in stations, theatres, parks. By careful research, he documented every movement in a diary. Later on, the discoveries were used to build a narrative in his artwork. Barzanji continues to give a huge amount of attention to details that go unnoticed in the routine of everyday life.

"Fear and Cherish" by Tishk Barzanji, 2017
"Strangers When You Meet, Strangers When You Part" by Tishk Barzanji, 2017

“I take walks to analyze shadows and lights… I document small details I see on the streets.”

"Monopoly" by Tishk Barzanji, 2018
Surface Magazine by Tishk Barzanji, 2017

Influenced by the De Stijl movement (especially by Piet Mondrian, Rene Magritte, and Ken Price), Barzanji draws precise, clean edges in his spacious designs, enriched with dreamy colors, connected, yet strong opposites. Widespread walls in his work remind of the potential isolation that architecture can impose, dictating the ways in which people interact with one another. Nurturing the viewer’s imagination, figures are a part of this space, which suggests the alternative to what the modern society has to offer – instead of disconnecting people from the surroundings, there are no boundaries between individuals and the space in which they are living.

"Peculiar" by Tishk Barzanji, 2018
"Computer Arts" Front Cover by Tishk Barzanji, 2018

“I want people to look at small details and care about everyone’s struggles.”

By exploring people’s daily routines of them unconsciously cruising through their lives without finding true meaning in it, Tishk Barzanji reminds the viewer that through the connection with other people and with the environment around them, people can find what they search for: truly fulfilled and happy life, led by purposeful connectivity.

All images copyright of Tishk Barzanji.

You can view more work by Tishk on his Instagram and website.

Article written by Katarina Petric

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