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Brooke Holm: Dramatic Landscapes, Conceptual Still Life and Stunning Architecture

Beginnings of a Fine Art Photographer

     Some of the most gifted photographers of today never imagined that they will become well known for their work. Something similar happened to our next photographer – the photography came suddenly and turned out to be her life call. Brooke Holm is an American/Australian photographer recognized for her unique landscapes and creative interior photography. The young photographer, based in New York, is an explorer, traveler and artist whose curiosity appears in photographs.

Brooke Holm - Iceland, minus37
Brooke Holm - Iceland

When she took her first photo, Brooke was only 17. She had just started working at an advertising agency, and, as the time passes by, Brooke was spending more and more time with the camera, and at some point became the company’s photographer. Smart and creative, Brooke realized that she could actually become an independent photographer – an artist who travels around the world with a photo camera, exploring interesting places. The dream of many of us, isn’t it? For Brooke, this dream became reality and her main occupation.

Brooke Holm - Dubai, minus37
Brooke Holm - Dubai

Boundless Energy and Unlimited Landscapes

Somebody would say that Brook is a talented landscape photographer always in search for new places around the world. Others would convincingly emphasize her work as an architectural and interior design photographer, who collaborated with some of the most famous designers and stylists. Indeed, she is all of this: brilliant artist and product photographer. But to if we were to say something more about this young and “favorite Melbourn photographer”, we can’t neglect her curiosity, passion, and fearlessness – three main aspects that had a major influence on her photography work.

Brooke Holm - Salt Sky 6, minus37
Brooke Holm - Salt Sky 6

Brooke said in one interview that her source of energy and inspiration was nature. She is not only a traveler with the camera in her hands. When it comes to Brook’s connection with nature – it is limitless and fearless. She captured some of the most beautiful places traveling from Australia to the Arctic. She is an adrenaline junky – some of the photos are made while she was hanging from an open helicopter above Iceland. Brook’s landscapes photographs are creations of the perceptive eye of the contemplative person. When she captures a landscape, she has on her mind a unique bond between people and nature. Her photographs show how people structure nature and at the same time the beauty of modified spaces. How can one consolidate so disparate things? “I’m still searching for the answers, observing and documenting,” said Brooke in one interview.

Brooke Holm - Matter, Still Life series, minus37
Brooke Holm - Matter, Still Life series

Nature and Creator – the Magic of Brooke Holm’s Photographs

Brooke is aware of the impact that humans have on the environment, but she finds beauty it those scenes. How? Her famous photographic series Salt and Sky was shot at UNESCO Heritage Site Shark Bay in Western Australia and represents shots of salt fields. Photos made from the sky don’t look like ordinary aerial photos. Brooke features gentle lines of the objects and focuses on details. She frames parts of the scene, using a specific color palette that makes an impression of artistic pictures. While we are looking at the photos, we could not be sure – what is a human touch in this landscapes.

All images copyright of Brooke Holm.

You can view more work by Brooke Holm on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Danica Jovic

Brooke Holm - Sea Lake 3, minus37
Brooke Holm - Salt Sky 1, minus37
Brooke Holm - Sea Lake 1, minus37
Brooke Holm - Salt Sky 2, minus37
Brooke Holm - Matter still life
Brooke Homl - Entrecote
Brooke Holm - Habbot 8
Brooke Holm - Dubai
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