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Dani Brici: Seeing The Unseen

Emotional Exploration

Born in Resita and working in Timisoara, Romania, Dani Brici is a young artist who has been painting and drawing since his early adolescence till today. Mixing pencil and oil techniques on canvas, Dani Brici brings to our eyes a singularity of his land that often goes unnoticed: the gypsy childhood – children who roam the streets, whose stories are rarely told.

"She Has A Name Also" by Dani Brici, pencil and oil on canvas, 2009

The style that Dani Brici handles is full of meaning, not just aesthetics. By erasing the backgrounds and leaving fragments of the portraits sketched only with pencil strokes, Dani captures the essence of the passer-by look of these children, young gypsies who have grown up in the streets, and whose stories and even names maybe nobody gets to know.

Untitled Painting by Dani Brici, pencil and oil on canvas, 2012

The expressions that Dani captures on their faces reveal the most important part of his artistic research – Daniel looks for children with a story to tell. While they do, he captures their faces and expressions with a camera first. It is essential to shoot the camera at the exact moment when the true feelings of the children come to the surface and emerge through their eyes.

"From The Streets Of Resita" by Dani Brici, pencil and oil on canvas, 2009
"Top Model" by Dani Brici, pencil and oil on canvas, 2009

From Pain To Purpose

This is the mark of Brici’s work – the hyperrealism on his canvas. By erasing the background and even parts of the children’s faces, leaving only some lines sketched with a pencil, Dani displays the fragility of the memory when we do not pay attention to what we see. The contrast between the hyperrealism of the painted areas that demand the attention of the spectator and the sketched lines which recapitulate the fleeting and even non-existent look on the same characters is truly powerful.

"Toto And His Sister" by Dani Brici, pencil and oil on canvas, 2014

Despite the situation and the various stories these children can tell, the portraits of Dani Brici have the ability to convey the inalienable joys of childhood as a result of purity and hope that every child deserves.

All images copyright of Dani Brici.

You can view more work by Dani on hisĀ website.

Article written by Anamaria Aguirre Chourio

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