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Gabriela Mendez: Colorful Portraits by Young and Talented Photographer

Portrait Photography by Gabriela Mendez

    Capturing varied shades of women is a different art form altogether. Most people prefer to click women at their best and some are passionate about capturing them with raw emotions. Gabriela Mendez, one such phenomenal personality falls into the other category of photographers. Born in Colombia and currently residing in Miami, she has been pursuing photography for four years and travels around the world to enhance her collection. She seems to be passionate about bright portrait photography, where her focus of object are mainly women with unusual makeup and patterns.

Gabriela Mendez - Pink Matter, minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Pink Matter, minus37

Fashionable Dreamy Images Full of Contrasting Colors

It is interesting to note the constant patterns through netted dresses, background colors and veils in her photographs. They make the image look organized and fashionable, which highlights the trending styles and innovative color combinations. Some of them have cliché black and white square patterns, others have black face nets over yellow-orange colors. She seems to experiment not only with the colors but tries to fit into different styles in one frame over women. Another fascinating thing to observe is that she does not inculcate regular makeup with blush and usual eyeshadows. Instead, she puts her creativity in use through bright shades, which matches with the background or the dresses of the focus of object. You would love the collection of LGBTIQ+ colors used creatively within a portrait, which makes you look beyond the woman in the frame, and wonder how the colors we see every day can be combined creatively.

Gabriela Mendez - Luz (left) Untitled (right), minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Luz (left) / Untitled (right)

Philosophy Behind Capturing Women’s Portraits

You would be amazed by the fact that women, in general, are embraced for their beauty, features and uniqueness. She brings them together, at her platform, to express themselves and define their standards and infuse the confidence in others to believe that they are wonderful as they are. In most of the images, Gabriela has simply used facial features of women with plain bright backgrounds to highlight their emotions and beauty through subtle expressions. Beyond that, she has even portrayed their bodies as a work of art and exhibit how they cherish themselves by being themselves. Unlike most of the photographers, they are not adorned with feminine makeup and jewelry, her photography shares the natural beauty of women in varied circumstances. Through her amazing work, you tend to learn that you are beautiful just the way you are, and no matter what, you must never forget to love yourself among the other things you love.

All images copyright of Gabriela Mendez.

You can view more work by Gabriela Mendez on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Sonal Chanana

Gabriela Mendez - Power (left) Untitled (right), minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Mellow Yellow, minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Teena Selva, minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Green Matter, minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Peach Pink, minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Yellow Blue, minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Soul Searching, minus37
Gabriela Mendez - Look Close, minus37
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