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Polish-born designer Kalina Kocemba continues her focus on “tailoring and choice of fabrics” for her graduate collection: Taken from Nature.

Why are people so afraid of dolls? Closet Children and creator Rachael Cheong posit that it’s because they hold all

In this interview with MINUS37, Noha Raouf talks about growing up, avant-garde beginnings, her graduate design collection, death to fast

Hyangmi Kim is the mastermind behind Juliet Robot, the Seoul based footwear brand known for their experimental silhouettes and bright

Fiona K. creates uniquely whimsical silk scarves. Her meticulously handcrafted illustrations are printed on premium-quality silk in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

OKULT is the Swedish born, Italian based label founded by Lisa Lou Berggren and Tommaso Floris in 2017, producing