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Juliet Robot: Your Feelings Are Safe with Me

That’s how I express my feelings, through shoes. When I wear Juliet Robot, I feel like other people’s opinions aren’t important, I can do what I like.

Big Hero

Behind the Seoul-based footwear brand, Juliet Robot is Hyangmi Kim. According to her: “ ‘Juliet’ represents our emotions and ‘robot’ are the feelings we hide from those who devalue us. With Juliet Robot, your feelings are safe.”

Juliet Robot and her creator have been described by bloggers and magazines alike as brilliant, bright, strong, sweet, and unique. Her efforts aren’t to fit into a mass market but rather to “pursue her own vision.” Spreading her message of female empowerment, Kim says she wants to “support women to do whatever they want, while not caring what other people think of them.”

When You’re a Girl

Enter, Juliet Robot’s first collection: “Voluminous Line,” expressing the concept of a strong yet feminine woman through the use of ‘shield-like’ bows. Kim’s latest, the “Orchid Line,” accomplishes that same goal with a plethora of metal studs set to names like “Sunrise.”

Anderson Meets Olympia

Made from Italian imported leather are shoes inspired by 60’s illustrations, collage art, photography, and the work of Wes Anderson. With her bright playfulness and functional novelty, Kim is equal parts Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster.

In a city where trends are commonplace, Hyangmi Kim sets herself, and her brand, apart from that mindset while carefully curating a long list of pieces that are forever in style. As for the kind of woman wearing a pair of Juliet Robot’s; she possesses both EQ and IQ, knows what she wants and how to get it, assuages her inner child whenever she can, and enjoys all the colorful challenges along the way.
Juliet Robot, 2018

You can view more of Juliet Robot on their website and Instagram.

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