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Fiona K. Knows Scarves

Drawn to Accessory

Any Fiona K. piece is a delicate balance between “telling a story and creating a fashionable accessory.” Fiona Knecht hand draws the prints for her designs that are produced as limited art editions of 20-50 pieces ranging from small pocket squares to scarves and long shawls, all printed on premium-quality silk.

The Swiss designer studied Industrial Design at the Zurich University of The Arts where she obtained her undergraduate and master’s degree. She also worked at several design studios but eventually, longed for projects more colorful than designing coffee machines and medical devices. Knecht would set up shop in the basement of her parent’s CD store and began working as a freelancer. It was there, surrounded by pictures and music spanning the 1920’s-1960’s, that she Crowdfunded her “Pin Up Girl Playing Cards,” designed colorful tattooed wood furniture, and handcrafted accessories.

Entreprise de Foulard

Knecht’s scarf venture began after a friend wanted to have one designed for herself, needing to print a minimum of ten, Fiona asked around to see if anyone else would be interested, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. In 2016, Knecht finally opened her own design studio in Zurich called “Studio Fiona K.”

From Burlesque Dancers to Butterflies

Her prints are based on “personalities from around the globe,” making each scarf unique. Using acrylic color, Fiona paints everything from burlesque dancers to butterflies separately on paper then scans and digitally arranges them. The finished product: a wearable work of art.
Fiona K., 2018

Knecht’s latest “Le Voyage Magnifique,” is in good company with past collections: “Bedazzled,” “7x70x70,” “Pin-Up Girl Pocket Square,” and “Amour Fou.” With plans to release a clothing line in the next year, Fiona K. continues to design for those with “a sense of humor and self-confidence.”

You can view more of Fiona K.‘s work on her website and Instagram.

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