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Kalina Kocemba: Taken from Nature

Natural Beauty

Polish-born designer Kalina Kocemba continues her focus on “tailoring and choice of fabrics” for her graduate collection: Taken from Nature. As the name suggests, Kocemba looks to nature to inspire her intricate, ethereal silhouettes.

Developing an artistic sensitivity from a young age, Kalina enjoyed drawing, sketching, painting, playing the violin, taking ballet, and learning French. This would eventually lead to the designer’s ‘cultured craftsmanship’ aesthetic.

Sustainable Style

Molding her signature style to include the beauty of the natural world, Taken from Nature is layered in flowing tulle, pleated or gathered in vinyl, and set to tones of ivory and pale to dark brown. It embodies not only the strength and delicacy of femininity but its evolution. Kocemba’s affinity for structure is also apparent in her debut collection: “Transparency.”

Second Skin

Airing on the side of organic, Kocemba wanted to go with the flow instead of researching trends and colors. She explains, I decided to focus on seashells as they mostly fascinate me. I was aiming to create details that would resemble those that were created naturally. I was looking for outstanding structures in shells which I then reinterpreted and applied onto feminine silhouettes.”

Receiving widespread editorial praise for her latest collection, the emerging talent is also coming off of a win from her showing at Ferric Fashion Week 2018 in Romania. Kocemba says that her goal is “to not stop creating.”

Describing her work as “brave, elegant, different, sometimes shocking but always classy,” the woman Kalina Kocemba designs for doesn’t only stand out, she stops traffic—naturally.
All Photos by Ula Kóska

You can view more of Kalina Kocemba’s work on Not Just A Label and Instagram.

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