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OKULT: What Myth Are You Living?

OKULT is a neologism, a mix of two words: occult; denoting something that is supernatural and hidden, and cult; in reference to ancient ritual and worship, a time when everything was quiet, slow, meditative, and passive.

Myth Nation

Born in Sweden and made in Italy, OKULT was founded by Lisa Lou Berggren and Tommaso Floris in 2017. Established as the ‘Myth Nation,’ OKULT champions the everyday woman and underlines the importance of individual expression.

OKULT’s debut collection was borne out of  “contemporary social value systems that create modern myths to express characters and stories encoded in the human species.” More “wearable and straightforward” is their previous collection titled “Blackout.” It explores the “relationship between memory and amnesia…a philosophical message about our time of collective and individual memory loss of history and traditions.”

When Philosophy Meets Fashion

Striking a fine balance between philosophical abstraction and wearability are the contrasting elements of “harmony and asymmetry, futuristic but bygone, perished but flourishing, graphic but rustic, uplifting but gloomy, unique but simple, and poetic but direct.”

Ethically Impassioned

The OKULT brand prides itself on being a “small artisanal craft-women-ship.” Valuing quality over quantity, the founders are impassioned with “being 100% transparent and honest in an ethical sense.” Berggren and Tommaso execute with precision “to reinvent fashion in a social, cultural, ecological and economic way.”
OKULT, 2018

OKULT’s self-assured spirit pierces through its namesake, cutting between soft beginnings and endings. Sharp metallics and muted Earth tones invoke early Gaultier mixed with The Fifth Element: an out of this world combination.

OKULT is a secret order, a strange place, a hidden treasure. It is a desert island, a foreign land, a desolate village. It is black magic, a sacred cult, an ancient method. It is a dark horse, the ‘paradise frontier,’ the ‘light passage’; OKULT is the Myth Nation.

You can view more of OKULT’s work on their website and Instagram.

Article written by Nermin Ali

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