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Andrea Torres Balaguer: Dreamy and Surreal Works by Fine Art Photographer

Fine Art Photography by Andrea Torres Balaguer

    Born in Barcelona, Andrea Torres Balaguer has been internationally recognized as an influential photographer since 2012. Her photographs have been published in the renowned Wanderer Magazine, Seeance Magazine, HolyHolyFashion etc. while she continued to showcase her works in worldwide exhibitions, such as Photogenic Festival, Raw Gallery, The Shed Summer show, Positions Berlin, Art Paris, Art Madrid etc. and many more. She is one of the youngest popular photographers and has been recognized in more than 10 photography festivals and publications so far.

Her photography style is a combination of art and people, where her albums share a different tale with a distinct theme altogether. Most of the times, she prefers to have dark shades or black and white combination to express the emotions of the focus of objects. The stories are not purely based on the color combinations she chooses, but the way the body of the subject complement with their facial expressions. Her images seem like they are captured in the midst of a discussion or a candid scene, which ignites fuel to the imagination of the viewer.

Andrea Torres Balaguer - Golden Brush (Left) Kimono Brush (Right), minus37
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Golden Brush (Left) / Kimono Brush (Right)

Album Description of Andrea Torres’ Photography

You would love the way she conveys a strong message through her stories. One such album is “Old Stories”, where a set of seven images are based on women’s plight in a constitution of marriage. They portray isolation, insecurity, sadness, and remorse which are felt by women in certain situations, and how their voices are taken away from them. Every image has a different tale, which satisfies the message shared through the album. Unlike other photographers, who focus on portraits and express the concerns or emotions through zoomed-in images, she prefers to provide space to every element, which could contribute to the story. More than the expressions of the subject, you would feel closer to the background and the situation she is going through.

Andrea Torres Balaguer - Old Stories Series, minus37
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Old Stories Series

Balaguer’s Work Raises Mental Health Awareness

Most of her albums share the genuine concerns which an individual goes through. The state of depression, loneliness, hallucination, anxiety and other mental health issue are strongly reflected in her images. You would be amazed to see how she uses simple elements to voice out the larger cobwebs of the cause, which are never recognized otherwise. Most of the times, artists use a series of short videos or remorse expressions of the subject to display their dilapidated state, but Balaguer has used innovative ways to shed light upon the things to think out.

All images copyright of Andrea Torres Balaguer.

You can view more work by Andrea Torres Balaguer on her Instagram and website.

Article written by Sonal Chanana

Andrea Torres Balaguer - Egg Table, Mesmerize Series, minus37
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Flower Bed, Mesmerize Series, minus37
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Egg Pink, Mesmerize Series, minus37
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Moon Series
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Moon Series 3
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Moon Series 4
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Moon Series 5
Andrea Torres Balaguer - A. (in white) II, minus37
Andrea Torres Balaguer - El silenci de les magranes, minus37
Andrea Torres Balaguer - Lion, minus37
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