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Dan Hobday: Minimalism Steeped in the Charm of the English Coast

A Fresh Visual Statement

Dan Hobday is a Devon-based artist who creates a range of softly calming and inquisitively abstract contemporary artworks using acrylics, inks, digital programs, and mixed media. This diverse artistic scope allows him to play with soft, earthy landscapes that mirror the cool calm of the English south coast, alongside playful abstract motifs.

“My small studio is where I create most of my work. I have a passion for minimal, contemporary art.”


“Estate” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


Hobday is a perfect example of contemporary flexibility, owing nothing to one style but experimenting with the limitless possibilities of modern minimalism and impressionist dreamscapes. His striking yet soothing imagery does not leave the eye wanting. With a delightfully fresh ingenuity, Hobday combines neutral, often beachy beige tones with contrasting and playful shape and color, creating modern, blocky art that is open to interpretation.

“I use acrylic paints and inks and anything else I can find that makes a vivid, visual statement.“


“Essence” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


Coastal Charm

His other works produce a somewhat more ethereal effect, with similar earth tones and slate greys fusing to give the viewer a soothing taste of the rugged yet elegant English country and coastline through relaxed, confident brush strokes and textured peaks. The richness of Hobday’s surroundings infuses his work with charm, freshness, and originality.

“Inspired to draw at an early age by my Grandfather, I have always loved to create art and experiment with paint and pencil. Living in Devon, close to some amazing scenery and coastal landscapes, I always find inspiration.”


“Time I” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


Having worked as a graphic designer for 20 years, Hobday is no stranger to the mastery of impact imagery. His unique style and experience in the field enable him to really capture the eyes of viewers; and as Hobday puts it so succinctly; “to break the rules of traditional painting and combine whatever I feel necessary to produce work that makes people stop and gaze.” It is clear that Hobday is constantly evolving as a multidiscipline artist, as he steeps his works in the beauty and primal, organic charm of the English south coast.

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Article written by Kate Smith

“Green II” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


“Time II” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


“Green I” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


“Boom” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


“Green III” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


“Stark I” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT


“Mono I” by Dan Hobday — BUY PRINT

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