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Julien Missaire: Utopian Beauty of 3D Art

Striking and Relevant

Julien Missaire creates strikingly fine-tuned 3D artworks that are gorgeously lifelike while remaining thoroughly planted in fantasy and aesthetic beauty. With software like Cinema4D, combined with OctaneRender, Missaire creates skin tone and hair texture with painstaking detail paying attention to every freckle. Light reaches the deepest conceptualizations of space, water, architecture, and culture, creating photorealistic dreamscapes into an idyllic and often utopian beauty capturing more than a photo could.

"Unreserved" by Julien Missaire in collaboration with Aeforia, 2019

Missaire states that art has been in his life for a long time. “My grandfather has done a lot of paintings in his life and my father was well connected with the concept of “creation”; he used to explore many forms of art like photography, jewelry or even furniture making for example. I suppose that I have been influenced by both of them.” Beginning his creative life with drawing, Missaire switched to digital illustration when he was 16, and soon kindled his passion for unique 3D creation. His 3D mastery is clear in the glistening quality of the shiny eyes that seem to speak straight to the soul, and the natural flow of iridescent, glowing light cast on his moody scenes.

"Selena" by Julien Missaire, 2019

“I don’t know if I’m able to define what I do with a precise style. I would say that I like to experiment around 3D and I love to create artworks with a special intention given to the composition and the colors.”

"Lily" by Julien Missaire, 2019

Missaire draws inspiration from various sources. “I’m always looking for new inspiration on the web and from the people I follow on social media platforms. But I could totally be inspired by a movie I recently saw or by music that I love.” His concern for current events, culture, and people keeps his work deliciously fresh, serving as a poignant commentary on our times, opinions and shared understandings.

"Mind Blown" by Julien Missaire, 2018

“I just want my work to inspire someone else, just how so many people inspire me.”

"United" by Julien Missaire, 2018

It is clear that Julien Missaire is passionate about his 3D craft. Creating digital sculpture allows the young artist the flexibility, scope, and precision to provide the world with a wonderfully detailed whilst delicate grace, talent, and eye for true aesthetic glory.

All images copyright of Julien Missaire

You can view more work by Julien on his website and Instagram.

Article written by Kate Smith

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