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Joon Lee: Vibrant Still Photography of Distorted Moments

Artistic Background

Joon Lee explores and challenges the mirroring of objects through his still life photography. Based in Vancouver, B.C. he graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2007 and has been developing his photographic skills for the past 10 years.

Still Life photography by Joon Lee, minus37 (16)
"Self Refraction" by Joon Lee

Still Life Photography by Joon Lee

Lee has uses his own boundaries of sexuality to create images that transform the objectification of food into normal or everyday items. What stands out and tickles our senses the most is the vibrant colors that seem to almost defy and push their own acceptable boundaries. It is evident that each image is soaked in the intricate personality of Joon Lee.

His ability to distort the spectrum of normality without truly crossing the invisible line is a clever means of allowing polar opposite items to be placed side by side and tentatively coexist in a single space and moment. There is a tangible wrestle between the serene and violent; harmony and discord, order and chaos through his use of flowers, fruit, raw perishables such as meat, eggs, etc.

Still Life photography by Joon Lee, minus37 (16)
"Watch" by Joon Lee
Still Life photography by Joon Lee, minus37 (16)
"Pantyhose" by Joon Lee


Each image creates a deep introspection of one’s own “normality” in the sense of what we believe; how we challenge social acceptance, and more importantly how our political, environmental and social background shapes and molds us into who and what we are expected to become. Joon Lee’s self-interrogation is bold and fearless in its context; raw honesty in its purest form that will transfix those who stumble upon his still life photography. There is a certain compulsion to want to seek out Joon’s images, followed by the compelling need for more.

In truth, Lee’s photographic ability stretches far beyond that of a clever visual introspection; it reaches and transforms each viewer to a place of altruistic insight into our own blueprint.

All images copyright of Joon Lee

You can view more work by Joon Lee his Instagram and Website.

Article written by Angelina Angileri



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