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Yuri Pysar: The Harmony and Balance of Oil Paintings

Joy and Healing

Ukrainian artist Yuri Pysar works with a uniquely simple and elegant approach focusing less on the physical forms of his muses and more upon the emotional weight that they carry. A narrowed color palette and dimensional eye for form greet the viewers with a suggestive, rich complexity of warm, healing spirituality. Pysar finds a deep kinship with the process of creation: “I didn’t see art as a profession or a world of money earning, but rather as an island I devote my thoughts and emotions to.” The meditation he finds in the birth of moody acrylic painting creates an aesthetic that beckons the viewer inward, to undergo a similar meditative introspection.

"Dance In The Sun" by Yuri Pysar, oil on canvas, 2017

Yuri has been encouraged creatively since he was a child. Inspired by the bounty of books his family owned, he began his radical education in the word of color. “These memories are still very bright. I clearly remember the moment when I took the Renoir’s catalog from the bookshelf. Lightly as if with the touch of the feather, he hit my soul by the ultra-light nuances of the cold nude in female portraits.” Clearly feeling early gravitation towards the arts, Pysar dedicated his childhood to creativity.

"Shadow Of The Spring" by Yuri Pysar, oil on canvas, 2016

“The desire to become an artist was growing with me. I worked a lot, as I realized that the particular understanding of form and harmony of lines, which can transmit the deep emotional states, is possible only if you are constantly working.”

"Dance Of Winter Sky" by Yuri Pysar, oil on canvas, 2017

The artist’s creative routine is often unexpected. Some days will see Pysar enjoying a coffee and allowing his thoughts to brew, whereas others will see him sketching wildly. It is not unusual for Pysar to work on many paintings at once, ensuring that he does not become tied to one idea or concept, this fluidity of thoughts allows Pysar to maintain a stable relationship with his creations whilst remaining inspired.

"Winter Idyll" by Yuri Pysar, oil on canvas, 2017

“The creation of something new is what turns the good craftsman into an artist.”

"Piece of Sky" by Yuri Pysar, oil on canvas, 2016

Pysar is avidly focused on the energy within his work with the intention to offer a part of himself and his energy within these works. “The energy itself decides everything that should come out with the strong gust of life. That’s to say the stream of creativity and emotions come out from inside, with ease. Maybe the other fact that causes the creation on the surface is the willingness to leave a trace of life, a part of yourself.

"Nude" by Yuri Pysar, oil on canvas, 2017

Unlike many contemporary artists, Pysar strays from portraying the darker parts of modern realities, rather hoping to invoke senses of joy and healing. “It doesn’t make sense to depict pain. I personally want to touch the viewer with my joy and let melancholy stay in the body. I hope my paintings bring what I aim, namely a tranquillity, warmth, and healing.” Within Yuri Pysar’s work lays the intention to remedy a dark world, allowing more attention on warmth and joy than an effort in depicting sorrow.

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You can view more work by Yuri on his website and Instagram.

Article written by Kate Smith

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