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Alessio Albi: Romantic Tales Told in Photographs

From Painting and Drawing to Portrait Photography

Italian photographer Alessio Albi has a remarkable ability to capture the smallest of details in the most intriguing way. Although Alessio is actually a Medical Biotechnologist and worked as a nutritionist, his photographic works show an underlying raw talent that is so unique in its complex yet easy natural setting that he could actually quit his day job!

Born in Perugia, Italy, this 30-year-old photographer only started taking photos a few years ago at the age of 24. His love of painting and drawing is what led him to start taking photos and he primarily delves into portrait photography, advertising and storytelling work.

Alessio Albi,
Alessio Albi - Untitled

Visual Aesthetic of Alessio Albi’s Oeuvre

Albi found his transition into the full-time photography scene one of ease and his initial casual approach to taking photos is what actually makes his work stand out. His clever and subtle quirky way in which he enhances the features of his subjects add to the abstract setting of his work. A simple aspect such as an everyday fence will become a primary source of the visual aesthetic puzzle he creates by the cast of a simple shadow over the model’s features.

Alessio Albi - Untitled
Alessio Albi - Untitled

Inspiration Drawn from Nature

The added drama in his portraits come from a wide variety of elements found in nature – which draws from his love of nature, such as trees, plants and even a blade of grass. Nothing in the frame is neglected and each aspect creates and adds another layer to the frame. The end results are absolutely breathtaking and completely spell bounding.

But the true beauty of each of Alessio’s photos is his ability to capture even the smallest wisp of emotion in a split second – and that is the true sign of a naturally gifted photographer.

All images copyright of Alessio Albi

You can view more work by Alessio Albi his Website and Instagram.

Article written by Angelina Angileri




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